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How it works?

Workable is an evidence based, digital mental resilience program to assist injured workers return to work earlier.

Workable is offered free as it’s a research trial.

The Workable program runs for 6 weeks & involves:

  • Completing one video module per week and a coaching call.

  • Modules require ~ 15 minutes per week.

  • Homework exercises are optional but recommended and can take up to one hour per week if you do all of them.

  • We will also ask you to complete a 5 minute questionnaire before and after the program as well as 3, 6 and 12 months after completing.

  • The coaching calls are mandatory and can be booked between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and run for up to 60 minutes.


who can participate

To participate in this research study you need to meet the following inclusion criteria:

• You currently live in Australia and understand English well

• You are 18 – 59 years of age

• Be experiencing some stress, anxiety or depression (or be at-risk of experiencing these)

• You’ve been on claim (or sick leave duration) between 2 and 26 weeks

• Not engaged in legal action against your employer

• No current suicidal intent and plan


No, this program is being run at no cost to the participants. It is being paid for by your employer, Uprise, or your insurer. We provide this program for free but we do ask that you complete a 5 minute questionnaire before and after the program as well as 3, 6 and 12 months after finishing. Your responses are crucial for us to be able to understand if the program is effective or not.

WHO is Behind Uprise and workable?

Uprise is a mental health-tech company with 10 years of clinical research and 13 published research studies behind it. In this study Uprise has partnered with the Black Dog institute and University of New South Wales. This program was created by the Uprise team under the supervision of Uprise founder Dr. Jay Spence, who has a PhD in online psychological treatments. His research can be found by clicking here and his resume can be found by clicking here. The Black Dog Institute and University of New South Wales are running the research study on the effectiveness of the Uprise ‘Workable’ program.

Why should you participate?

By participating in Uprise RTW, you will be contributing to scientific research. Your experience will help us in our aim to bring a solution for other injured workers to get a quicker, successful return to work.

The Uprise ‘Workable’ program is a modified version of a program from Sweden and the Netherlands that demonstrated a reduction in time to RTW compared to care as usual. We are hoping to see similar results to participants in this research.

Are there any risks to participating?

Aside from assigning some time within your day to complete the program, we do not expect that there will be any risks or costs associated with taking part in this study. None of the information you supply will be shared with your employer or insurer unless it is an emergency (i.e., you express a clear intent and plan to harm or kill yourself).

If you experience discomfort or feelings of distress while participating in the research and you require support, you can stop participating at any time. You can also tell a member of the research team and they will refer you to appropriate support services.


Uprise will not share information with your insurer or any third party without your consent. We only share your details if it’s an emergency (i.e., where we strongly believe that you are going to harm yourself or someone else).

We ask you questions about your mood, ability to work and similar factors. We use this to create a report that we share with your insurer and publish in scientific journals. We don’t include any information that could identify you personally; only group scores for all the participants in this program. (i.e., we say things like: “overall scores for all participants changed from 77 out of 100 down do 42 out of 100 on a measure of depression” but we don’t mention people’s names or the companies they work for)

We are very committed to protecting your privacy as we understand that you might want to discuss things that you don’t want shared with your insurer or anyone else. If you want more information about our privacy policy then please click here.

get in touch. speak with a real person at uprise.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with us. You can reach us on 1300 209 371 or by emailing us at team@uprise.co. Just ask for the ‘Workable’ team and someone will get back to you via phone or email to discuss any questions you have.


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