Executive Summary

Things to add here = what is Uprise how it can meet business needs and a summary of pricing?


Features & Benefits


Digital Programs

Teach employees proven psychological skills through an easy-to-use online and mobile-supported platform, populated with engaging content and available on-demand. Ongoing access and advanced content allows for year-round participation, outside periods of core-program engagement.

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Coach-guided Programs

Facilitate personalisation and application of the skills taught online, via phone calls with psychologists. This connection also boosts uptake, accountability and program completion.

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Wellness Checks

Prompt employees to complete a 60 second wellbeing check periodically (e.g. monthly or quarterly), promote awareness of wellbeing programs and allow for tailored recommendations and risk-assessment callbacks as needed.



Pay only for what you use. Great for pilots.

One time set up fee

Complementary Wellness Checks

Pay-as-you-go Digital Programs

Pay-as-you-go Coaching Calls & Therapy

Reporting & Analytics Included


Capped Pricing

Cost per eligible employee. Simple for budgeting.

One time set up fee

Complementary Wellness Checks

Digital Programs Included

Coaching Calls & Therapy Included

Reporting & Analytics Included


Value On Investment (VOI)