Start 2020 with a Company Wellbeing and Risk Checkup

Take the guesswork and risk out of running a wellbeing initiative or strategy in your workplace.

Discover the Wellbeing Needs of your Workplace

Unlike a pulse survey, the Wellbeing Checkup provides specific guidance on the unique mental health needs of your employees

Pulse surveys only scratch the surface on mental health

While pulse surveys might give you some ideas for a wellbeing strategy, most employees don't answer them and they don't accurately measure mental health.

Employee don't want to disclose mental distress to their workplace

Even though employees might be struggling with mental health, they might feel stigma that prevents them from sharing it at work.

At-risk employees need immediate support

Distressed employees may be at risk for developing a mental health concern or leaving the company. This distress also impacts productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism.

The Wellbeing Checkup


Company Baseline

Assess your companies wellbeing and mental risk levels to discover the extent of their wellbeing needs. On average, 60% are assessed.

Risk Assessment Calls

Act on high risk employees, who are called by a registered psychologist within 24 hours and referred to resources, a GP or your existing EAP

Strategy Report

Evaluate results from the insights report on workplace stressors, the number of risk assessment calls and relevant wellbeing strategy resources

You're interested?

$500 for less than 200 employees

Money-back guarantee if less than 10 employees complete the check

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Register your companies interest on the form below

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Uprise will generate a unique link for your company

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You send an email provided by us to everyone in your organisation

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Your employees click the link, enter their phone number and anonymously take a Wellbeing test (3 mins)

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Employees find out their Wellbeing score relative to the population and receive mental health resources based on their answers

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Employees assessed as 'high risk' will be called by a registered psychologist within 24 hours

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High risk employees can be referred to resources, their GP or your existing EAP

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After collection, receive a complete insights report with scores, risk, stressors breakdown and calls

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Pay in arrears for high risk calls and work with a customer team on next steps for your organisation

This helped me to instigate the next phase of our wellbeing strategy because it gave leaders an insight into specific work-related risks

Sue Pavan

HR People and Culture at Landrum and Brown

The wellbeing check was really easy to access and distribute. I was surprised at the quality of insights since it was not time consuming on my part.

Karen Roods

HR Manager at Regional Australia Bank

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