Uprise featured on Startup Daily

July 16, 2020  |  HR and Leaders

One hour every weekday dedicated to Australia & NZ's startup ecosystem. This episode featured Uprise, an Employee Assistance Program focused on providing a more proactive approach to wellbeing in the workplace.

Featuring Uprise CEO

Jay was working as a clinical psychologist in private practice but with the sense he was seeing patients several years too late and that earlier interventions were needed. He completed a PhD in online mental health treatments that became the foundation of Uprise. Uprise is an employee assistance provider or EAP. The standard model of EAP is reactive where there is a ‘you come to us’ approach. That doesn’t work because people with depression and anxiety don’t reach out for help. So Uprise uses technology to facilitate a ‘we come to you’ approach where we identify employees at risk then have tailored programs for each employee based on their needs whether they are well and healthy or in crisis.

Jay Spence

CEO at Uprise

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