The Place of Fun in Healthy Habits

July 27, 2022  |  Employees

Its mid-winter, which is time for comfort food and hiding in bed for just-10-more-minutes. If you are anything like me, we are letting ourselves indulge a little bit, letting ourselves slip. And then we think about "getting healthy" again, whatever that means. The problem is, whenever we think about starting healthy habits, we usually start by saying "how can I force myself to start and maintain a healthy habit"? Worse, we have tried to force ourselves many times before, but it never quite sticks!

This session is aimed at those people who find themselves trying to force themselves to start and maintain a healthy habit, but find that they break the habit and fall back into old rhythms again and again. In particular, we will be focusing on a skill that busy professionals within modern society seemed to have forgotten - the art of having fun.