The Internal Art of Balancing Work and Personal Life

April 14, 2022  |  Employees

Given the rapid transition to telehealth, global events and on top of managing work and life, now more than ever it is important to look within and constantly ask ourselves: Am I balancing 'ALL the things' right now? What do I need more or less of at this moment? Who can I turn to? Am I overlooking something that I value at the cost of work? During this webinar we will start with discussing the importance of self-care practice as a way to re-evaluate what we need more of. I'll share my current practices and ways that I manage the balance and then open up a reflection and question time. Come armed and ready to enhance your work/life balance! For now I will leave you with one of my famous riddles that I share with psychology students and therapists. (Riddle: Builders have hammers, Mechanics have spanners but Therapists have themselves).