Mindset Webinar

February 05, 2020  |  Employees

The webinar will be focused on retraining thinking in regards to unhelpful thoughts.

Some key takeaways from the webinar will include:

  • Identifying unhelpful thoughts
  • Questioning thoughts and creating alternatives
  • Common and beyond common reactions to the bushfires

Featuring Uprise Coach

Jeremy's approach is focused on giving you tools to challenge your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours to make informed, insightful changes. He enjoys how much change can be packed into a small number of calls with the Uprise program. The clients he has are motivated and that makes the conversations interesting and exciting for both coach and client. Jeremy is a massive Football (soccer) fan. He has watched football across the globe including going to two world cups, Barcelona vs Real Madrid and supporting Sydney FC from the very beginning.

Jeremy Bastow

Registered Psychologist at Uprise