International Women’s Day

March 08, 2023  |  Employees

Over the years, I have heard about so many amazing, high-achieving, and successful women on International Women's Day. I have often wondered ‘How?’ ‘What makes them so different from me and those around me?’ and if like myself, you know some amazing women in your life that, against all odds, overcame difficult, even traumatic times. Where’s their award? Of course, we can’t give everyone public recognition, I know this. However, today, I’d like to focus on the amazing people who have crossed our life path. How are they our advocates for equality and equilibrium in business? What do we know about their specific mindset? What I do know for sure is that we tend to self-sabotage the ability to achieve our personal best… Do you know that inner voice? the Negative Nancy who reminds us to ‘know your place’.

Join me to celebrate with and hear my thoughts on our unnamed warriors, how to recognise our inner critic, and how to create a lasting change that may emancipate you enough to be your absolute personal best.