Future of EAP Webinar

April 17, 2019  |  HR and Leaders

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) have been around for many years now, with the aim of supporting employees and reducing WHS risk associated with mental health. However, despite developments in research and technology on mental health interventions, most EAP offerings have remained largely unchanged for both the employee and employer.

What are the most damaging stressors in the workplace?

Is it possible to prevent the development of mental health conditions?

How can reporting balance confidentiality and actionable insights in company wellbeing needs?

Featuring Uprise Founder

Jay is inspired to help people to self-manage their mental health and simplify the process of accessing professional, evidence-based care. He started his career working as a clinical psychologist treating patients but felt that he was seeing people too late in the progression of their illness. That became the impetus to start a technology company to look at prevention of illness before it occurs and to de-stigmatise mental health so that it becomes as normal and important to us as our physical health. Uprise (www.uprise.co) is a technology company providing a software solution for businesses to provide proactive mental health options for their employees.

Dr Jay Spence

Founder at Uprise

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