From Procrastination to People Pleasing: The Ways We Avoid Them

May 11, 2023  |  Employees

When we think of avoidance, there are three main categories that stand out. Procrastination is the most obvious one such as scrolling the phone while the laundry pile is waiting to be folded.

The next category is conflict aversion. Conflict aversion can sometimes be based on people pleasing, but can also be fear-based. The third category, which is sometimes harder to notice is the way we avoid ourselves. This can show up as restlessness, as well as a constant need to be engaged by technology or other people.

We can’t have a conversation about avoidance without acknowledging avoidant attachment style, which may or may not accompany these other behaviours.

In this webinar, we will try to touch on each of these categories and hopefully, through becoming more aware of our patterns, we can learn to work with some of our avoidant tendencies.