Finding Your Core Beliefs Webinar

October 07, 2020  |  Employees

This webinar will be focused on finding your core beliefs. The most important first step when using the skill of Retraining Thinking is to figure out our core belief or core fear. This exercise shows you how to identify it quickly so that you can deal with the core issue that is driving your other unhelpful thinking patterns.

Featuring Uprise Coach

Nicole has over 7 years experience working with families and counselling, and is based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. She has a particular interest in working with parents returning to work, and issues related to stress and burnout. Nicole has a passion for working with trauma and loss, particularly around the recent bush fires and COVID-19 crisis affecting her local community and beyond. She enjoys working in partnerships with organisations to support people through a range of mental health issues.

Nicole Vanderkroef

Registered Psychologist at Uprise

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