Effective Parenting Strategies Through Times of Change

November 05, 2021  |  Employees

Parenting at any time, with children of any age, is one of life’s greatest joys, and CHALLENGES. But since March 2021 when “the pandemic” came into all of our lives parenting has become all the more challenging. Our children and their future will be changed more by this experience than any other age cohort. We have no way of knowing the long term impacts of Covid, lockdowns, working and learning from home, vaccinations, and all of the other interruptions to life of the past two years on our children. All that any of us can do is be the best parent that we can for the time that we are responsible for our children and they are in our care. This webinar will focus our attention on the impacts of the pandemic and lockdowns on our children and what each of us can do to support them to develop in the best ways that they can.