Best Practice for Flexible Working

June 03, 2020  |  HR and Leaders

The webinar will be focused on the skills that companies and individuals need to continue to work flexibly.

Some key topics that the webinar will cover:

  • The skills employees need to work flexibly
  • Developing a culture of trust
  • Managing performance
  • How strategic priorities can be enabled by flexible working

Access Flexible Working with NSW Government resources.

Featuring Uprise Partner

Cat has developed a flexible working change playbook, assisted with writing job share guides and case studies, developed flexible working skill sets, written flexible working conversation guides for employees and managers and more recently, produced resources to build leadership support for flexible working, manage dispersed teams, and developed a guideline for implementing flexible working across an organisation. Cat’s background is in industrial advocacy, volunteer management, and community development. She is passionate to see flexible working be realised as a mutually beneficial arrangement that improves the working lives of NSW public sector employees and creates strong business outcomes for all departments and agencies.

Cat Coghlan

Senior Advisor at NSW Public Service Commission

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