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COVID-19 Digital Program

Coronavirus anxiety is a type of health anxiety and health anxiety is treatable. Learn evidence-based skills to deal with health and disease anxiety and how to deal with the coronavirus situation as it evolves.

Wellbeing Check

A simple 1 minute assessment that provides immediate feedback on how you are doing relative to the population. You will receive a outline of recommended resources that will work to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

‘Upskill’ Resilience Program

Upskill teaches a new skill each week for improving resilience and mental wellbeing. There are hundreds of ways to improve mental fitness but which ones work? Upskill contains the top skills according to research for improving your thinking, emotional intelligence and long-term happiness.

Coaching For A Specific Issue

Want a dedicated coach to work on a specific issue, whether in your personal or work life. Uprise can link you up with a licenced psychologist or counsellor trained in coaching. Sign up for Upskill below and select phone coaching. You’ll also learn some great skills from the Upskill program.

Legal Support

Book a phone consultation with a lawyer and get legal advice. The initial session is completely free and subsequent sessions can be approved by your company if needed.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Access series of video micro-lessons that teach you how to identify and support someone else you you think might be struggling with a mental health issue.

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