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Uprise is now available free to all UNSW staff members. Uprise helps you reduce stress, decrease your risk of burnout and increase happiness.

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Learn Mental Fitness Skills

Upskill teaches a new skill each week for improving resilience and mental wellbeing. There are hundreds of ways to improve mental fitness but which ones work? Upskill contains the top skills according to research for improving your thinking, emotional intelligence and long-term happiness.

Wellbeing Check

A simple 1 minute assessment that provides immediate feedback on how you are doing relative to the population. You will receive a outline of recommended resources that will work to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

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Available to all Uprise clients and employees

Useful Takeaways Every Week

Weekly content covering emerging issues that workers face as the coronavirus outbreak evolves including remote work, team & family communication, job and financial uncertainty.

Great Speakers

Engaging speakers sourced from our professional network. Psychologists, workplace specialists and professional speakers delivering high quality content.

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