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Easy to use counselling booking system

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Quality assured psychologists

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Weekly wellbeing initiatives run by Uprise

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Launch in 3 easy steps

Why offer the Uprise Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to your Employees?

Our digital and in-person programs service ALL of Australia in a way that is more flexible, discrete and accessible for busy employees. We personalise support for employees based on their unique wellbeing needs to manage risk and make your workplace a happier more productive place to be.

Support your Employees in 3 Easy Steps

As well as offering full Employee Assistance (EAP) Service, Uprise offers life-changing training that helps employees learn how to self-manage their wellbeing. Through an online app, users can access pro-active and evidence based tools to build up their resilience skills before they are overwhelmed or stressed.

Wellbeing Checks

Employees measure their wellbeing and stress scores and we quickly support anyone identified as at-risk.

Coaching or Therapy

Based on your employees well being levels, they access coaching or therapy with a psychologist

Holistic Health Skills

Employees learn evidence-backed skills on the Uprise app to boost their wellbeing and happiness.

Weekly Webinars

Wellbeing Topics chosen by employees

Weekly content covering emerging issues that workers face as the coronavirus outbreak evolves including remote work, team & family communication, job and financial uncertainty.

Hear Psychologists and Health Experts

Engaging speakers sourced from our professional network. Psychologists, workplace specialists and professional speakers delivering high quality content.

Request a Proposal

Once you have submitted your information, our team will put together a full proposal outlining the Uprise program and features as well as costs.


The outcomes for our digital programs are holistic, sustained and company wide because their effectiveness is backed by 10 years of research. Plus, we give you reports on them quarterly so you can track your impact!

Wellness change

81% of Uprise users with low wellbeing are in the high-moderate wellbeing range within 4 weeks.


On average, Uprise users gained 2.6 hours of peak productivity per week.

Return on Investment

Clients realise $7-36 return for each dollar spent due to improvements in absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover.