Returning to Work Post-Lockdown

Support your Employees with Digitalisation

As many organisations begin the transition of returning to work, managers and companies alike are considering how to protect the mental health and safety of their workforce.

Uprise in partnership with Donesafe, has tailored support options to assist companies to keep employees safe during this transition.

Uprise and Donesafe Integration

Donesafe is a risk management platform that has partnered with Uprise to prevent mental health hazards from arising in the workplace. Uprise is a proactive employee assistance program that prevents the development of mental health hazards by reaching out and offering timely support to employees before they are in crisis.

Uprise and Donesafe offer an integrated platform to manage all your health, safety, compliance and wellbeing management for all employees. With our combined solution which can be accessed for all workers with one login, removing disconnected systems and enabling consolidated reporting.

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Based on your company's unique needs, you may choose to offer one or all of our available services to your employees

Digital Employee Assistance Program

Support employees with full service Employee Assistance Program

  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.COVID Anxiety Digital Program
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Weekly webinars with Health Experts
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.24hr call-backs to at-risk workers
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Refer at-risk workers to therapy
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Coaching to build resilience
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Manager mental health coaching
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Comprehensive wellbeing reporting

Risk Assess and Alert Callbacks

Add some of our features to existing Employee Assistance Program

  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Employees complete a 1 minute wellbeing check
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.At-risk employees called within 24 hours
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.High risk employees referred to your existing EAP
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Tools for employees to navigate personal concerns

Infectious Disease App

Donesafe App that allows employers to undertake infection preventative efforts.

  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Infection Case Management
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Instant Communication
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.COVID-19 Self Assessments
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Multi-step triage process to accelerate response
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Filter and tailor messaging to employees

Working from Home App

Donesafe App for employers to shift rapidly in response to the 'home office' requirements.

  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Work from Home register
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Home office ergonomic assessment
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Log incidents from home office
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Use data to prevent future incidents
  • Path Copy 5Created with Sketch.Analyze causes, trigger investigations, predict hazards

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