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Mental Health Guides and Resources for Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety to make the first steps for Mental Health at Work.

Want to know more about how Uprise can assist you to make your workplace a safer and more mentally healthy place?

Mental Health Toolkit for Employers

To build a systematic action plan for mental health based on company size

Promoting Positive Mental Health Guide

To identify solutions to specific workplace stressors (p12) and use different channels to bring up the conversation (p17)

Starting a Conversation Guide

To offer managers actionable tips on how to check in with employees under their supervision

How to Form a Wellness Action Plan

To educate line managers on the steps to forming a WAP with their team. The guide includes a template for the personalised and practical wellbeing tool

Work Demands and Stress Safety Guide

To understand ways in which common workplace demands can be made in a mentally healthy way, including workplace adjustments.

Company Wellbeing Strategy Guide

For those interested in developing and implementing an informed wellbeing strategy at work including WHS, HR and people and culture

What is Uprise?

We are a new kind of Employee Assistance Program that supports you to be proactive in managing employee mental health.

With Uprise, you can give employees support that is faster and more discrete. The skills they learn will teach them to effectively manage their stress in the future.

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