Award-Winning Employee Assistance Program

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Australian EAP services available across NSW VIC QLD NT WA SA and NZ

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Face to face and phone counselling

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Wellbeing and stress assessments

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Wellbeing activities and training

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Weekly wellbeing webinars

Why offer EAP services to your employees?

It is becoming more and more important for us to connect and look out for each other at work. Uprise EAP services are highly responsive, cover all of Australia and maintain high quality standards within the industry. Our programs and counselling services are award-winning.

Faster access to support

When one of your employees is struggling with a mental health concern, timely care is critical. With Uprise, employees meet with a therapist in less than 24 hours.

8 days

National average wait time

< 24 hours

Uprise wait time

Support your Employees in 3 Easy Steps

24/7 Phone Line

Employees can quickly and easily access counselling support when they need it. Our staff are available via the phone line 24/7.

Experienced Therapists

Employees can access AHPRA registered psychologists or clinical psychologists with at least 3 years of experience.

Wellbeing Skills

Short modules for busy people available in the Uprise app. The skills are based on scientific research on reducing stress.

Choose a Wellbeing Topic!

We host webinars on your requests every week.

Weekly content on team & family communication, improving sleep, financial uncertainty, nutrition, exercise, healthy habits and much more.

Join hundreds of healthier, happier workplaces

Every quarter, you receive a detailed report on company-wide wellbeing.

Your detailed report includes usage, wellbeing scores, and the most prominent workplace stressors. We know you will get results, because we are backed by more than 10 years of research.

Same price, more usage

Compared to most EAPs, more of your employees benefit from Uprise. As a result, they are less likely to take days off work or lose productivity due to stress.

Reduce Presenteeism

On average, Uprise users gained back nearly 1 full day every week where productivity was negatively impacted by stress.

Reduce Imminent Turnover Risk

The proportion of employees at imminent or very high risk for leaving the company greatly reduces as a result of capability building skills.

Request a Proposal

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