Support your Employees with a Proactive EAP

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Face to face and digital employee counselling

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Wellbeing check tool to refer at-risk employees

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Training to build employee and manager resilience

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Weekly wellbeing webinars + culture tools

Why offer Uprise EAP to your employees?

We are a highly responsive team with a proactive focus on mental wellness. We don't wait for employees to reach out, we reach out to them. Your employees can choose to develop a wellbeing skill relevant to them, using short videos and exercises designed for busy people. Uprise partners with your workplace to make it a happier and more productive place to be.

Faster access to support

When one of your employees is struggling with a mental health concern, timely care is critical. With Uprise, employees meet with a therapist in less than 24 hours.

8 days

National average wait time

< 24 hours

Uprise wait time

Support your Employees in 3 Easy Steps

As well as offering full Employee Assistance (EAP) Service, Uprise offers life-changing training that gives employees the skills to more effectively self-manage their wellbeing. Employees can access videos and exercises for up to 40 evidence based skills online and through the Uprise app.

Track your Wellbeing Score

Employees measure their wellbeing and stress score over time. We call back anyone identified as at-risk within 24 hours.

Connect with Quality Coaches

Employees can choose to speak with a psychologist about a personal concern or to develop a wellbeing skill pro-actively.

Resilience and Life Skills

Short modules, easily accessibility in the Uprise app. The skills are proven to improve wellbeing, engagement and stress

Weekly Webinars

Wellbeing Topics chosen by employees

Weekly content covering emerging issues that workers face as the coronavirus outbreak evolves including remote work, team & family communication, job and financial uncertainty.

Hear Psychologists and Health Experts

Engaging speakers sourced from our professional network. Psychologists, workplace specialists and professional speakers delivering high quality content.

Join hundreds of healthier, happier workplaces


The outcomes for our digital programs are holistic, sustained and company wide because their effectiveness is backed by 10 years of research. Every quarter you receive a detailed outcomes report that includes usage, wellbeing scores, and the most prominent workplace stressors.

Same price, more usage

Compared to most EAPs, more of your employees benefit from Uprise. As a result, they are less likely to take days off work or lose productivity due to stress.

Boost Productivity, Reduce Presenteeism

On average, Uprise users gained back nearly 1 full day every week where productivity was negatively impacted by stress.

Reduce Imminent Turnover Risk

The proportion of employees at imminent or very high risk for leaving the company greatly reduces as a result of capability building skills.

Uprise is an international Employee Assistance Program

Uprise provides phone and video-based services in all time zones internationally with clinicians based in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Our clinicians provide services in English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.

Request a Proposal

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