Support your Employees with a Proactive EAP

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Modern Employee Assistance Program with full traditional crisis services

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Flexible phone and chat support inside and outside of working hours

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Discrete online app-based booking system

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All programs based on 10 years of research

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Ongoing wellbeing and stress risk assessments

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Quarterly outcomes and insights reporting

Award Winning Solution Trusted by Employees at

Why offer Uprise EAP to your employees?

We teach employees the skills to take care of their mental health, just like their physical health. This makes your workplace a happier and more productive place to be. Our digital and in-person programs are built for busy employees in a way that is flexible and accessible to their lifestyles.

Support your Employees before they are in Crisis

As well as offering full Employee Assistance (EAP) Service, Uprise offers life-changing training that gives employees the skills to more effectively self-manage their wellbeing. Employees can access videos and exercises for up to 40 evidence based skills online and through the Uprise app.

Wellbeing Check

Assess your wellbeing score each month and receive a call back if it has dropped significantly

Digital Program

Learn 1 skill per week by working through audio, videos and exercises


Choose to speak to a dedicated personal coach when you need support

Schedule a demo

Get in touch with us quickly and easily. We are happy to help

Uprise is an international Employee Assistance Program

Uprise provides phone and video-based services in all time zones internationally with clinicians based in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Our clinicians provide services in English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.


The outcomes for our digital programs are holistic, sustained and company wide because their effectiveness is backed by 10 years of research. Every quarter you receive a detailed outcomes report, for between 20-80% of your employees. This report helps you to proactively manage risk and workplace stressors.

Wellness change

81% of Uprise users with low wellbeing are in the high-moderate wellbeing range within 4 weeks.


On average, Uprise users gained 2.6 hours of peak productivity per week.

Return on Investment

Clients realise $7-36 return for each dollar spent due to improvements in absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover.


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