Workplace Team Wellbeing Activity

We are seeing the boundaries between work and home become blurred more and more, which can have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Wellbeing Wednesday is a great opportunity to bring up important conversations about taking care of ourselves.

Uprise wants to make it easy for your workplace to get involved. Access these 4 positive psychology workplace activities for free!

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What is a Positive Psychology Activity?

Positive psychology is the study of how and when humans perform at our best as individuals, teams and organisations. It’s commonly known as the Science of Happiness.

Research shows us that when we focus on building our well-being we feel better, function more effectively, and enjoy life more. As a result of isolation and dispersed teams, it's now more important than ever to focus on developing our individual and team level well-being.

Workplace Wellbeing Activities Overview

Uprise psychologists have developed 4 evidence-based activities that can be shared and run in team meetings. Many organisations like to dedicate a Wellbeing Wednesday meeting to all things wellbeing.

Week 1: Personal Values

Values are thought of as personally relevant principles that guide actions and facilitate decision making. Ultimately they are a motivating force and source of well-being. This activity supports employees to identify their own personal values, reflect on their current situation and schedule an aligned activity.

Week 2: Gratitude

Gratitude is a key positive psychology principle which has been described as the habit of noticing and appreciating that which is good in one's life. Research has indicated that those which take note of the positive things that have taken place from day to day fare better than those which focus on daily hassles or neutral moments. This activity supports employees to begin a gratitude practice.

Week 3: Connection

Close connections provide support, encourage us, and make our life more meaningful, whereas having a larger group of friends or acquaintances can help us feel connected, and a sense of self-worth in the community. This activity supports employees to spend time increasing and strengthening their social connection with their colleagues.

Week 4: Mindful Music

Being mindful of our moment-to-moment experiences involves a specific stance or attitude and research has indicated that it is positively associated with greater levels of well-being. Being mindful also lends to enhanced productivity, insight, and connection. This activity supports employees to relax, connect with colleagues and focus attention mindfully.

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