Mental Health Awareness Training


3 ways to recognise the signs of a mental health issue

How do you tell if someone is struggling so much that you should say something about it?

One in five of the people you know are likely to have a diagnosable mental illness this year. Many of them won’t even realise and they’ll just call it ‘normal ups and downs’. Yet, they might be suffering inside and maybe you can see some signs.

What’s normal? When should you say something?

This video will teach you four signs to look out for that mean that it’s worth saying something to them.


How to start a conversation with someone about their mental health

What do you say to someone when you’re concerned about their mental health?

Starting a conversation about someone’s mental health feels very awkward to most people. However, most people really would like to help but just don’t know what to say.

The good news is that you don’t need to say the perfect thing. People who go through depression or a mental health problem say it’s less important about what people say than showing that they care in some small way.

However, there are some things that can help the conversation and some things that aren’t so helpful. So take a look at this video to learn what to say if you want to talk with someone that you’re concerned about.


How to communicate with someone struggling with their mental health

When you need to communicate daily with someone who is very stressed or struggling with their mental health use this approach…

Maybe you work with someone who has a mental health issue or have a friend or family member who you need to interact with a lot. What’s the best way to communicate with them over the weeks or months as they slowly recover?

When someone has a mental health issue they can interpret what you say in very different ways than what you intended. In this video, we’ll show you a communication technique that can help when you need to keep working with or supporting someone as they get better.


How to manage difficult behaviour when the person might have a mental health concern

How do you communicate effectively with someone when you’re frustrated with their behaviour

It’s normal to feel frustrated with someone who might be struggling with their mental health. Their behaviour can often be confusing or challenging. However, if it’s challenging for you then it’s probably hard for others and the person might be at risk of everyone abandoning them. Understandably, that will make their recovery much harder and longer.

You don’t need to walk on eggshells or worry constantly about how to approach them. The key thing is to help them get to professional support and look after yourself in the process with great self-care. In this video, you’ll also learn a technique for how to communicate with someone who might have a mental health issue when their behaviour is becoming really challenging for you.


How to deal with a mental health crisis situation

How can you tell if someone is suicidal? What should you say if they tell you they are?

We hope that you never need to use this skill of dealing with someone who is suicidal but it’s crucial to learn just in case.

Learn some key myths about suicide, understand how to recognise the signs and what to say if you ever find yourself talking with someone who has said they are suicidal.