Mental Fitness Boot Camp

October is Mental Health Month and the perfect time to start a strategic wellness initiative at your workplace.

Mental Fitness Boot Camp allows you to offer a high level of mental health support for a specific goal, with no lock in contracts.

What is your Mental Health Month Goal?

We will help you achieve it.

Change Management

Using Uprise Mental Fitness as a part of change helps employees to see the change from another perspective and increases perceived company and manager support by 8%.

Support of a Specific Division

Supporting a specific division with Uprise improves perceived company support by 8% and reduces the risk of turnover by 10%

Training and Capability Building

Choose a group of employees who would benefit from better mental health literacy. This could be new employees, managers or leadership.

Share your goal with us!

In a demo of Mental Fitness Boot Camp we can discuss your specific issue or concern. You will get a better insight into what Uprise can do to help, the employee experience, and the kind of outcomes you can expect. Schedule some time with us today.

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4 Steps to Boost Employee Mental Fitness



We assess your employees baseline wellbeing and stressors at work.



Your employees learn the best evidence-backed skills to improve resilience and stress management. These skills are accessible in an online platform with over 50 micro-lessons and interactive exercises.



Each employee speaks to a coach about an issue they are facing and how to use these skills to combat it. Each coach is a licensed psychologist with over 3 years of experience in workplace contexts.


Track your Impact

You receive a detailed outcomes report of your employees scores before and after the program including wellbeing scores, mental health risk and an outline of the most common causes of stress in your workplace.

Choose the coaching level of support you would like to offer each employee or make a general enquiry if you’re not sure.

Get insights into the specific wellbeing needs of your workplace.

Schedule 45 Minutes with Us

If you are interested in learning more please don't hesitate to schedule some time with us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about Boot Camp or Workplace Wellbeing in general!


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