Mental Health Leadership Training

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Have confident wellbeing conversations

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Remove the barriers to discussing mental health

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Gain practical experience through role play

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Understand tools that build mental fitness

Who can benefit from this training?

The 4-week course gives leaders the tools to have casual and strategic wellbeing conversations as well as run team-based wellbeing activities. It is invaluable for managers who are new to the role, facing challenging team dynamics, or who may need extra support. It is also useful for managers who are seeking new learning and development opportunities. Flexible signups means you can offer this opportunity to managers individually or collectively.



Learn about leading wellbeing assessments, how to build a team culture of wellbeing, how to run Wellness Action Plans within your team, how to run and follow up on team wellbeing meetings, when and how to make wellbeing part of performance conversations and how to practice reflective listening.

Wellness Action Plans

An evidence-based system that identifies what builds wellbeing, what undermines it and what’s needed from you as their manager.

Team Wellbeing Meetings

Activities that model vulnerability, safety and trust in order to overcome team challenges and build psychological safety.

Difficult Conversations

Techniques and tools for creating a safe space where feedback about employee progress is connected to the message about care.

In the finance industry you don’t get too many managers or leaders talking about people’s feelings. This training is helping me to learn how to support other leaders who have team members going through something.

Bianca Scarpato

Head of People, Culture and Education at Quill

It was great to see that we could use the coaching session in so many different ways. I found it useful to discuss a particular team member, whereas my colleague found it valuable to work on herself.

Lucy Nowland

Head of People and Culture Asia Pacific at OFX



Online training via the Uprise app

Digital content covers the foundations of establishing a mentally healthy team and workplace. Managers engage with content at their own pace, and may choose to focus on one specific part of the training for their executive coaching.

Practical experience through role-play

Managers partner with a Uprise executive mental health coach and psychologist. The training includes 2x30 minute coaching calls that are tailored to the individual managers needs. Coaching calls build mental health awareness and confidence through individual or team-based role play, guidance on challenges that arise, accountability to progress and further embedding of the skills learnt.

Understand tools that build mental fitness

In addition to the Mental Health Leadership Training, managers have access to other courses in resilience and stress management. With increased exposure to skills of resilience and stress management, managers are better equipped to recommend modules for team members. This awareness drives greater uptake of the Uprise program throughout the year.

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