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Launching and running your EAP doesn’t need to be time consuming. We are here to make it happen together. Below is how other customers have launched with us but we can tailor your launch to be bigger or smaller based on what you want.

Implementation Timeline


  • Recruit early adopters to test the program
    • Send this Champions email for 3-5 employees to use the platform.
    • These early users will sign up, check the app and book a call. After use, they can send a testimonial about their experience to HR to include in the launch materials
  • Promote the program with this pre-launch warm up email and calendar invite for the Launch Webinar


  • Promote the program with this launch email with the champions testimonials
  • Uprise provides a live webinar for kick-off
  • Share the unique code for your employees to use the program
  • Promote the program using the info sheets, posters and business cards found below
  • Measure baseline staff wellbeing scores and offer digital skills training

Year 1

  • Offer all your employees the Uprise digital app, coaching, therapy and critical incident support
  • Send this reminder email to re-engage employees
  • Promote the program using our Monthly Wellbeing Tips Newsletter for your employees on different wellbeing topics
  • Employees can attend Monthly Uprise Wellbeing Webinars for free
  • Train managers on having wellbeing conversations with their team using the Toolbox Talk Resources
  • Track your impact on staff wellbeing with quarterly reports

Year 2

  • Embed skills by offering staff our Advanced Program
  • Understand and prevent work stressors with quarterly insights
  • Design your ideal program by requesting digital features


Info Sheets

How Uprise works

The Benefits of Coaching

Coaching vs Therapy

How to book therapy


Business Card Front

Business Card Back

Introductory Video

Program Timeline

Employees are encouraged to re-engage with the program over time to check in on how they are coping and up-skill when they choose.

Wellbeing Check

Quick monthly assessment of wellbeing and stress levels

Digital Program

1 skill can be learnt per week in quick micro lessons


1 call can be used for each skill to personalise learnings

Content Calendar

We have content to re-engage your employees with their mental health throughout the year. These can be sent directly to employees or via the HR representative at your company.

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New Years Resolution

  • New Years Resolution Poster

  • Monthly Email



  • Mindset Poster

  • Monthly Email


Mindful March

  • Mindful March Calendar Poster

  • International Day of Happiness Image

  • Monthly Email

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