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Coronavirus anxiety is a type of health anxiety and health anxiety is treatable. Learn evidence-based skills to deal with health and disease anxiety and how to deal with the coronavirus situation as it evolves.

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You can book a call with your account manager at any time in the form below. Please be sure to check the FAQ before booking a call to see if your answer is already available online.

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HR and Leaders Webinars

You can access all of the previous HR and Leader webinars at the link below. As an HR manager, you should be sent notifications about upcoming webinars. If you would like additional members to be added to this list, please email charlotte.owen@uprise.co.

Promotion Material

There is a range of marketing collateral available to you via the implementation page. Please visit this page to find posters, business cards and emails. If you would like to request a specific piece of collateral, please email charlotte.owen@uprise.co.

Critical Incident/Immediate Crisis

If a critical incident has occurred at your workplace and you need urgent support, please contact our partner: Trauma Centre Australia. Someone from HR or WHS must authorise the request as additional charges may apply. You can also contact Uprise so that we can assist in supporting you.

Manager Assist

If you are a manager who needs assistance from a mental health professional in supporting an employee or dealing with a workplace issue then please call us on 1300 209 371 and ask for the Manager Assist service or click this card to complete a booking form. If a team member is feeling suicidal or this is an emergency then please call emergency services.

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