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Uprise is an Employee Assistance Program that uses an evidence-based, technology-first approach to support your people.

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Not your traditional Employee Assistance Program provider


Reach out to employees before they reach a crisis point. As well as traditional EAP services, you can offer your employees capacity building programs for resilience, optimism and self-efficacy.

Research Based

Offer your employees best practice tools and interventions. All of our programs are based on PhD research by founder, Dr Jay Spence that has been evaluated in over 14 published research papers.

Outcome Focused

Understand and support employee wellbeing in a more holistic way. Each quarter, you receive a detailed insights report on causes of stress to help you understand company culture and stress hotspots.

Our unique digital solution is loved by psychologists

I am continuously surprised at the level of engagement and great health outcomes that come from an online platform. Clients often share how valuable the online modules and phone coaching is.

Puneet Singh

Registered Psychologist at Uprise

I enjoy how much change can be packed into a small number of calls. The clients I have are motivated and that makes the conversations interesting and exciting for both coach and client.

Jeremy Bastow

Registered Psychologist at Uprise

I have been really surprised at how much I can meaningfully connect with people over the phone. Most of the time, I have found people are even more open over the phone because of the confidentiality.

Allison Garing

Registered Psychologist at Uprise

Our solution is based on a new proactive technology called Stepped Care


Early assessments

Uprise makes checking in on your wellbeing a regular part of your workplace culture. Every month employees are encouraged to check in with a 1-minute assessment and offered tips to managing a particular stressor.


Skills Development

Uprise is focused on capability building for well employees. Our app teaches the top-ranked, evidence-based skills needed for resilience and effective management of stress.


Coaching and Support

One-click access to coaching for day-to-day life issues or a business-critical dilemma is available via phone, chat or video. Coaching programs are supported by evidence-based digital modules.



For employees who require additional assistance, Uprise has a nationwide network of local healthcare providers to offer discrete and accessible face-to-face support.

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