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Wellbeing Check

A simple 1 minute assessment that provides immediate feedback on how you are doing relative to the population. You will receive a outline of recommended resources that will work to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

Crisis Phone Counselling

If you need to speak with a counsellor now then please call us on 1300 209 371 and ask to be connected with one of our therapists. If you are feeling suicidal or this is an emergency then please call emergency services.

Watch Past Webinars

Each week, you can join for a short and simple lunchtime webinar on a different wellbeing topic. Access all of the previous webinars on the link below, and we hope to see you at our next webinar!

Learn Mental Fitness Skills

Upskill teaches a new skill each week for improving resilience and mental wellbeing. There are hundreds of ways to improve mental fitness but which ones work? Upskill contains the top skills according to research for improving your thinking, emotional intelligence and long-term happiness.

Coaching For A Specific Issue

Want a dedicated coach to work on a specific issue, whether in your personal or work life. Uprise can link you up with a licenced psychologist or counsellor trained in coaching. Sign up for Upskill below and select phone coaching. You’ll also learn some great skills from the Upskill program.


Arrange a 1-hr therapy session with licenced psychologists or counsellors. Choose between face-to-face or via phone or video call. Uprise therapy will get you started but if ongoing therapy is required, you will be referred via Medicare.

Private Therapy Booking

If you wishing to privately continue meeting with an Uprise Psychologist you are now able to do so. This service is available to employees who have used all of their allowable calls, where companies do not have the budget for additional sessions.

Legal Support

Book a phone consultation with a lawyer and get legal advice. The initial session is completely free and subsequent sessions can be approved by your company if needed.

Financial Counselling

Review your financial position and create a money plan. Create a plan to pay essential expenses and get help with non-complex debts such as bills or rental arrears and get on top of money matters.

Critical Incident/Immediate Crisis

If a critical incident has occurred at your workplace and you need urgent support, please contact our partner: Trauma Centre Australia. Someone from HR or WHS must authorise the request as additional charges may apply. You can also contact Uprise so that we can assist in supporting you.

Manager Assist

If you are a manager who needs assistance from a mental health professional in supporting an employee or dealing with a workplace issue then please call us on 1300 209 371 and ask for the Manager Assist service or click this card to complete a booking form. If a team member is feeling suicidal or this is an emergency then please call emergency services.

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