More than an Employee Assistance Program

Make wellbeing support more than just reacting to a crisis.

Product Overview

24/7 Counselling Line

< 1 minute average wait time

Face-to-Face Counselling

450+ network in Australia and worldwide

Telehealth Counselling

< 25 hours average time before a consultation

Counselling Booking App

Search by therapist specialisation and availability

Callbacks to At-risk Employees

< 24 hours after assessment by psychologist

Critical Incident Response

On site or remote support for psychological first aid plus follow up planning

The quality of your experience matters to us

Every one of our psychologists are of the highest standard to ensure your employees always have a meaningful counselling experience.

All Uprise coaches are AHPRA registered psychologists or clinical psychologists with a minimum of 3 years of clinical experience.

Faster access to support

When one of your employees is struggling with a mental health concern, timely care is critical. With Uprise, employees meet with a therapist in less than 24 hours.

8 days

National average wait time

< 24 hours

Uprise wait time

Join hundreds of healthier, happier workplaces

Our telehealth solution works

That’s why it is loved by psychologists

Lower the threshold to access support for employees unable or unlikely to seek face-to-face counselling. Our digital platform meets employees where they are, in their home, in a place of comfort, or in the emergency meeting room.

I am continuously surprised at the level of engagement and great health outcomes that come from an online platform. Clients often share how valuable the online modules and phone coaching is.

Puneet Singh

Registered Psychologist at Uprise

I enjoy how much change can be packed into a small number of calls. The clients I have are motivated and that makes the conversations interesting and exciting for both coach and client.

Jeremy Bastow

Registered Psychologist at Uprise

I have been really surprised at how much I can meaningfully connect with people over the phone. Most of the time, I have found people are even more open over the phone because of the confidentiality.

Allison Garing

Registered Psychologist at Uprise

Uprise is an international Employee Assistance Program

Uprise provides phone and video-based services in all time zones internationally with clinicians based in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Our clinicians provide services in English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.

Also included in our EAP Packages

Capability Building Tools

Offer programs for resilience, optimism and self-efficacy. The digital platform puts personalised tools at employees fingertips based on their needs.

Culture Tools

Poor mental health costs. Provide preventative support and reduce costs related to stress, absenteeism, presenteeism, underperformance, turnover.

Human Resources Tools

Understand causes of stress and support wellbeing in a more holistic way. Use data to inform HR initiatives, enabling drivers for change in the organisation.