Organisation awareness of mental health makes a difference

Build a more positive view of company support by investing in early and proactive wellbeing initiatives. Access expert knowledge catering to your employees unique needs.

Normalise wellbeing conversations

Build more than the capabilities of employees, help managers build their confidence. Change the norms in the organisation and make wellbeing conversations a natural part of everyday by building the understanding and awareness of all.

Access the knowledge of specialists

Each week, wellbeing webinars run by industry experts share practical tools and learnings for employees and people leaders. These provide de-stigmatised topics to discuss within teams. They also help leaders and teams tackle emerging issues including remote work, team & family communication, job and financial uncertainty.

Build a longer term wellbeing strategy

Engaging speakers sourced from our professional network can work directly with your team. Psychologists, workplace specialists and professional speakers delivering high quality content. Sessions can be face to face or remote covering a range of topics.

Equip managers with mental health training

Learning and development with inbuilt skills and accountability for building a more open and inclusive culture around mental health and employee wellbeing. The program increases team leader confidence in holding mental health conversations with staff and increases the frequency of conversations about mental health.

Join hundreds of healthier, happier workplaces

Learn more about culture tools

Also included in our EAP Packages

Employee Assistance Program

Access a team of highly experienced and quality assured psychologists with flexibility for traditional face-to-face, video chat or in-app support.

Capability Building Tools

Offer programs for resilience, optimism and self-efficacy. The digital platform puts personalised tools at employees fingertips based on their needs.

Human Resources Tools

Understand causes of stress and support wellbeing in a more holistic way. Use data to inform HR initiatives, enabling drivers for change in the organisation.

Want to run your own team wellbeing meetings?

Meaningfully connect the members of your team using these activities based on positive psychology.