Case Studies

Uprise drives outcomes across company size and industry. Learn from these case studies and be inspired for what we can transform in your workplace.

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Improving Perceived Manager Support

Solenis swapped to Uprise after using a traditional EAP for many years. They needed a solution that would improve access for all employees, rather than favouring those in head offices and excluding remote employees. Solenis was pleased to find that 24% of employees signed up to the Uprise program.

Improving Team Cohesion

Diabetes NSW swapped to Uprise after using a traditional EAP for many years. The change was centred around the need to get more people on-board and aware of their options for the mental health support available at work. Diabetes NSW was pleased to find that 38% of employees signed up to the Uprise program.

Reducing Turnover Risk

The company needed a way to reach out to all of its employees with a program that identifies and prevents mental stressors in the workplace before they worsen. It was also crucial that the program was accessible to their pre-dominantly male workforce. They were pleased to find that 65% of employees using the Uprise program were male.

Overcoming Mental Health Stigma

Uprise was originally piloted at Tweed Shire Council as part of their Wellness Matters Program focusing on mental health prevention, training and skill-building. Tweed had a diverse workforce with a need to change the conversation about mental health and help employees to adopt a technology first approach to accessing support.

Enterprise: Reduce Fatigue Hazards

The company’s search for a proactive scalable wellness offering led them to Uprise. The company's EAP continued to provide crisis services and Uprise was used to engage employees who didn't identify as having a 'problem' that needed therapy but who were nonetheless stressed.

Implementation is fast and simple

Uprise is digital-first to make getting started as easy as possible.

Same day set-up. Suite of collateral and comms. Instant app and web access.

Being proactive means connecting with more of your employees

We help employees before they need face-to-face support to manage risk and make your workplace a happier more productive place to be. That’s why company-wide utilisation is maintained at up to 24% on average, compared to 3-4% for traditional EAP.