Build Psychological Capital into your Workforce

Bite-sized learning to develop resilience, stress management and mental fitness skills.

Diverse Library of Skills

Born from the top 4 skills supported by psychological research. Our digital library builds capability by teaching employees how to self-manage their mental health. Our courses are all evidence-based and cover relationships, sleep, diet and exercise, mindfulness, stress management, CBT and more.

Unlike other Employee Assistance Program, our online platform is skill-based using only evidence-based techniques. Like other Health Apps, it that share facts and tips too. A dedicated coach can recommend employees learn certain skills personalised to their unique needs.

Coach guidance enables real growth

Employees are linked with a dedicated coach, via chat, phone or email. Coaching increases completion rates and published studies of our coaching programs have shown that improvements in presenteeism and performance are sustained 3 months after completing one of our coach-guided courses.

A good awakening. You can get stuck in a rut if you don’t reflect and the program allowed me to do that.

Uprise User

This is a great program that I’d recommend to all team leaders about how to think about and talk about the wellbeing of your team.

Uprise User

Uprise lays the wellbeing tools out for you, allowing you the space to use them at your own pace. My coach guided me through the challenges I'm facing.

Uprise User

Join hundreds of healthier, happier workplaces

Published Outcomes

The protocols used in Uprise are based on the PhD research of founder, Dr. Jay Spence. Uprise has been evaluated in two research studies by independent evaluators.

Also included in our EAP Packages

Employee Assistance Program

Access a team of highly experienced and quality assured psychologists with flexibility for traditional face-to-face, video chat or in-app support.

Culture Tools

Poor mental health costs. Provide preventative support and reduce costs related to stress, absenteeism, presenteeism, underperformance, turnover.

Human Resources Tools

Understand causes of stress and support wellbeing in a more holistic way. Use data to inform HR initiatives, enabling drivers for change in the organisation.

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