We believe our mental health is just as important as our physical health

That's why Uprise is building a modern psychology company around new, digital interventions

Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is as effective as seeing a psychologist face to face

Psychological is in a new phase and research conducted over the last 10 years has demonstrated that computerised cogntive behaivoural therapy is as effective as face to face therapy, but can be completed in less time. It has the additional benefits of convenience, confidentiality and analytics.

Our Team

We believe in integrity

We ask ourselves what we believe in and if we are committing ourselves fully to that

We believe in kindness

We are committed to giving based on the truth that we are all connected

We believe in impact

We give the power for people to change from enduring to enjoying

Jay Spence


Phoebe Lau

Clinical Lead

Daniel Kimber

Accounts Lead

Stef Bogdanov

Coaching Lead

Joshua Merritt

Technical Lead

Melanie Amon

Clinical Research

Join the ranks of Lendlease, PayPal, KPMG, ResMed, and more in building happier, emotionally intelligent employees.