Uprise solves stress.

Uprise trains people to be happier, less stressed and more engaged through technology and a personal coach.


Award winning digital health solution trusted by employees at

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Technology-enhanced EAP

Uprise is a full spectrum Employee Assistance Program. We provide a new preventative technology called 'Stepped Care' as well as traditional EAP services.  



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ROI positive within 6 months.

We track changes in employee absenteeism, productivity and turnover that pay for the costs.


Developed at the University of New South Wales

Uprise was founded by psychology researchers from the University of New South Wales and is based on Stepped Care, which has been evaluated in over 400 publications.


4 x utilisation compared with traditional EAP


Uprise utilisation is 17% on average compared with 4% for most traditional Employee Assistance Programs.

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Employee Wellness, loved by PayPal

PayPal has been using Uprise to drive employee engagement and wellbeing. 

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