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Uprise is a Research Based

Employee Assistance program (EAP)

The Uprise workplace wellness program is based on PhD research by founder, Dr. Jay Spence, and has been evaluated in over 14 published research papers. Uprise uses Stepped Care, a preventative approach to mental fitness that tailors support for an individual based their wellbeing score out of 100.


How It Works

Uprise is a full spectrum Employee Assistance Program that can be used through the app or website. It is made up of 3 main tools to support employees across the wellbeing spectrum.

Wellness Checks




1 session per skill learnt

Digital Programs

1 skill per week

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Technology enhanced EAP

Uprise is a full spectrum Employee Assistance Program. We provide a new preventative technology called 'Stepped Care' as well as traditional EAP services.

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