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Uprise is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that combines multiple wellbeing initiatives into a single, easy to use platform for HR and employees.

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Why Uprise?

Employee Assistance Program

Access a team of highly experienced and quality assured psychologists, ensure employees always have a meaningful counselling experience. Employees have the flexibility of traditional face-to-face, video chat or in-app support. The easy to use online booking system quickly connects them to counselling for all stages of work and life journey.

Resilience and Capability Building

Offer your employees capacity building programs for resilience, optimism and self-efficacy. All programs based on PhD research by founder, Dr Jay Spence that has been evaluated in over 14 published research papers. Our digital platform puts personalised tools at their fingertips so employees can confidently navigate work and life challenges.

Culture Tools

Poor mental health costs. Providing preventative support and building a culture of wellness can significantly reduce costs related to stress, absenteeism, presenteeism, underperformance, turnover, insurance claims and insurance premium increases.

Human Resources Tools

Understand and support employee wellbeing in a more holistic way. Each quarter, you receive a detailed insights report on causes of stress to help you understand company culture and stress hotspots. Use data to inform HR initiatives, enabling drivers for change in the organisation.

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