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Our pilots only take 6 weeks and provide all the data you need to make a decision about Uprise.


For our pilots, we provide access to the Uprise platform for 6 weeks for your employees. The pilot includes full access to the program so users can complete a wellness check, enrol in a digital program and get support from a dedicated Uprise coach via phone or private messaging. We collect pre-program data when participants start a digital program then again at week 4. Uprise provides a de-identified report based on the changes between pre-program and week 4 as well as utilisation rates for wellness checks, digital programs and coaching calls so that you can make a decision about whether to move ahead to an Uprise rollout or not. 

Here are the steps

  1. Pilot Setup Meeting

  2. Recruit and launch using Uprise Digital Comms Pack

  3. Full platform access for 6 weeks

  4. Pilot Outcomes Meeting


We kick off with a video call with key stakeholders for the pilot (listed below). During the call we will review your goals for the pilot, set up key dates and explain the process for both participants and decision makers. You'll be provided with a timeline and task list so you know exactly what's happening and when.

Key Steps:

  • Invite key stakeholders such as decision makers (or their direct reports), comms team and/or wellbeing/mental health advocates
  • (For a separate, shorter meeting): Invite a representative from your data security and/or compliance team who can do sign off for regulatory needs
  • Invite a senior leader who will sponsor the pilot

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For a pilot we recommend recruiting a representative sample of the employee population, wellbeing advocates/mental health first aiders (or have reviewed other wellbeing programs in the past) as well as staff who can facilitate a wider rollout if you move ahead with Uprise (e.g., line managers). The launch collateral allows emplpyees to enrol into an Uprise program where they will learn 4 skills in 4 weeks via 4 minute videos, or to complete a wellness check if they prefer. Some organisations individually contact participants to ask that they participate while others advertise broadly. Uprise can cap the number of users depending on your budget on our registration screen and users will be redirected to other wellbeing services, your EAP or Lifeline if the pilot is oversubscribed. We will provide you with a digital launch pack that contains emails, video introductions and social media images that you can use to recruit participants. 

Key Steps:

  • Uprise assesses needs for digital comms pack and provides a set of emails, videos and social media posts with signup links
  • A typical launch involves sending out 4 emails along with social media images and an introductory video over a one week period to recruit the required number of participants. Participants can start Uprise as soon as they register.


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Platform access means that participants can complete a wellness check only or enrol into an Uprise digital program with the support of an Uprise coach. After registration, all users complete an initial wellness check and are provided with their score. This means your organisation will receive data about wellbeing levels and the causes of stress/work impairment for all users that complete this step. Following the wellness check, users can opt-in to start an Uprise digital program where they learn the top four skills needed for maintaining mental fitness. This starting program was built by reviewing all of the evidence for skills training to improve mental health. Four skills were identified: a skill to improve thinking (cognitive restructuring), a skill to optimise behaviour (values prioritisation from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), mindfulness skills and stress management skills (controlled breathing). These four skills can be applied in most personal or work situations to resolve stress and get better outcomes so you could use the skills to deal with almost anything from stress about a relationship problem to feelings of inadequacy.These skills are taught in 4 modules over 4 weeks where each module contains a 4 minute video and optional exercises for learning the skill. Participant can select whether they'd like to be supported by an Uprise coach via private messaging/email or phone coaching sessions of up to 30 minutes each. All Uprise coaches are licensed psychologists or counsellors. The Uprise platform is purpose-built to identify high risk participants. Any high risk participants will be contacted by a senior Uprise clinician by phone within 48 hours, assessed and referred to the appropriate service as needed.

Key Steps:

  • Participants register via web or download the Uprise app
  • Participants can complete a wellness check and stop there or enrol into an Uprise program where they learn the first four skills over four weeks
  • Participants can opt in to support via private messaging or phone coaching sessions available 7 days a week
  • Participants who enrol into the Uprise digital program complete a pre-program and 4-week assessment that measures changes in wellbeing and performance among others


Uprise will provide you with a report that includes utilisation data and outcomes. Utilisation data includes wellness checks, digital programs and coaching support usage. Outcomes include wellbeing, performance and ROI reporting as well as feedback and testimonials. The outcomes report is sufficient to understand key criteria for progressing to an Uprise rollout, that is, will implementing Uprise allow our organisation to access and support a group of individuals who are not likely to access any other support services where support via Uprise will result in changing a key behaviour such as performance, wellbeing or attrition. 

Key Steps:

  • Invite key stakeholders to the outcomes meeting including the senior sponsor, decision makers and any staff that participated and will be involved in any potential rollout
  • Video call or in-person meeting to go over the outcomes report and explain how each item was measured and the implications for your organisation
  • Establish the timeline to move ahead with a rollout or to finish up




Please contact your sales representative for current costs for pilot trials. 

What happens on a coaching call?


The Uprise Coaching Call is to personalise the skills for each participant.

The coach shows them how to use the skills for a stressful personal or work/school situation so they can learn the skills faster and more effectively than on their own.

Uprise coaching calls are consistently rated as 9/10 and are cited as the best part of the Uprise program

The skills in the program can be used to resolve most stress issues to keep minds fit and happy. Uprise is built for busy people so the calls go for between 15 - 30 minutes and they book them whenever you have time in their schedule.

Personal Stress Example:

The stress might be about a family issue so their coach would do the following: In week one they will talk with them about their mindset, help them to identify the thinking styles that are driving stress and show them how to use the skill of retraining thinking to help with that. In week two, they would look at the behaviours driving their stress. Their coach will help them to identify the best actions to take then check in with them to make sure they follow through. Each week is a different skill that the coach personalises for your situation.



Work Stress Example:

Your stress might be about something that is happening at work . So like the personal stress example, their coach would help them to identify any problematic thinking about work in week one. In week two they will look at behaviours that will help resolve the work/school situation and provide some accountability and support to make change. In week 3, they show them how to use mindfulness skills to deal with the stress of work and in week 4, they discuss stress management tools to stay on track.

Is Uprise confidential?

Uprise sends de-identified reports to your organisation with group-level data and publishes results in scientific journals (with your organisation's permission). We never share information that would identify participants like their name or individual scores.

Confidentiality is crucial so organisations can't identify which participants did Uprise except in an emergency.

The organisation will only know the overall, average scores for all participants each quarter. Below are some excerpts of a report that is sent to a company.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.47.35 pm.png

Example of how Uprise reports changes in employee engagement levels.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.48.07 pm.png

Example of how Uprise reports stress level changes.

Wellness Checkup WHO5.jpg

What is a wellness check?

Your organisation might offer the Uprise Wellness Check once a month as a way to check wellbeing levels.

It asks 6 questions; 5 of them are about wellbeing levels and one is about the causes of stress in their life.

It’s brief but also very accurate because it’s based on a World Health Organisation measure called the WHO-5. The WHO-5 has a very large international dataset so we can provide you precise information about wellbeing levels rather than just a meaningless number.

The causes of stress question is included so that your organisation can understand the changes you need to make in order to reduce employee or student stress.