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Our pilots only take 6 weeks and provide all the data you need to make a decision about Uprise.


The Uprise Pilot has been designed to give your organisation the ability to test the effectiveness of Uprise with a specific, targeted group of employees. Some organisations choose to elect groups of employees or departments based on specific needs like:

  • Under performing segments of the business

  • Groups with higher than average absenteeism or employee turnover rates

  • Recent graduates who have joined the company

Uprise can be scaled to adapt to the needs of any group or organisation, and a pilot program will provide you data and incite needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Technology Drives Uprise

Uprise reaches out to employees before they are in crisis to provide preventative and proactive support. 

  • Easy to use mobile app with on-demand access to support

  • Regular wellbeing checks to identify at-risk employees

  • Digital programs that teach universal skills for stress management

  • Live coaching sessions

  • Crisis and change management training


Digital Programs

Uprise teaches proven psychological skills through an easy-to-use online and mobile-supported platform, populated with engaging content and available on-demand.

Uprise starts by teaching four foundational skills: Mindset, Values, Mindfulness & Stress Management based on the PhD research of founder, Dr. Jay Spence.

Advanced Skills are available and released every 1-2 months to reinforce the skills and drive further utilisation of the platform.


Based on a World Health Organisation measure that only requires 6 questions to accurately measure wellbeing and current causes of stress.

Delivered monthly to promote use of Uprise digital programs and identify 'at-risk' employees who receive a callback within 48 hours from an Uprise clinician.



The Uprise Coaching Sessions are to personalise the skills for each participant. Coaching is consistently rated 9/10 and cited as the best part of the Uprise program. Sessions are conducted via phone or live chat for up to 30 mins.

What happens during a coaching session?

The Uprise coach will ask for an example of something that is currently stressful. In week one they will talk with them about their mindset, help them to identify the thinking styles that are driving stress and show them how to use the skill of retraining thinking to help with that. In week two, they would look at the behaviours driving their stress. Their coach will help them to identify the best actions to take then check in with them to make sure they follow through. Week 3 is about applying mindfulness to deal with repetitive thoughts and in Week 4 they learn rapid techniques for managing stress in the moment. Each week is a different skill that the coach personalises for their situation.



Post-program Reporting Included


Uprise Reporting

The regular report provided by Uprise give your organisation valuable insight the impact that the Uprise Mental Fitness Program is having on the employees.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.47.35 pm.png

Example of how Uprise reports changes in employee engagement levels.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.48.07 pm.png

Example of how Uprise reports stress level changes.

Is Uprise confidential?

Uprise sends de-identified reports to your organisation with group-level data and publishes results in scientific journals (with your organisation's permission). We never share information that would identify participants like their name or individual scores.

Confidentiality is crucial so organisations can't identify which participants did Uprise except in an emergency.

The organisation will only know the overall, average scores for all participants each quarter. Below are some excerpts of a report that is sent to a company.


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