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We are here to make your life easier. 


Great to have you onboard! 

Uprise is about making sure that all your staff have the skills training and support to feel good about themselves and others... and that includes you and your team. We are here to help you at every step of the way to make sure that Uprise reduces your stress as well. 

That said, Uprise is a startup so there might be some hiccups. Just let us know if there is anything you need to be different. We are very fast learners and we can usually get things fixed for you quickly! 

Let's take a look at how we can assist you in getting Uprise rolled out at your company...

Here are the steps

  1. Meeting with your Uprise Account Manager

  2. Meeting with Key Stakeholders

  3. Recruit and launch using Uprise Digital Comms Pack

  4. Manager Meetings & Manager Training

  5. Quarterly Outcomes Meeting


Here is a quick overview video that you can share with your colleagues about how Uprise works...

We kick off with a video call to meet your dedicated Uprise Account manager to review your goals, develop a calendar for key activity dates and explain the process for both employees and your coordinating team. You'll be provided with a timeline and task list so you know exactly what's happening and when.


  • Nothing at this stage. We will explain everything first. 


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Research shows that wellbeing outcomes are linked with leadership support for wellbeing initiatives (Share this research summary with your team about it). Prior to the stakeholder meeting, we highly recommend that you get a senior sponsor for Uprise who is willing to do the program and provide a testimonial that's personalised for your employees. Additionally, it's worth starting some early employees who can provide a testimonial (written or video) that we can use for improving recruitment for the launch. For the stakeholder meeting, we'd recommend that you invite any team members who are responsible for or interested in wellbeing or performance outcomes at your company such as mental health advocates/first aiders, wellness committee members and/or performance coaches. 


  • Start senior sponsor plus 1-5 early employees who are willing to give a testimonial
  • Invite and invite key stakeholders including a senior sponsor
  • Invite someone from your comms team (if you have one)
  • For a separate meeting: Invite a representative from your data security and/or compliance team who can do sign off for regulatory needs (if you have one)

Comms Approach

We've found that it is better not to use terms like 'mental health' in your communications plan. Uprise works better when it is provided as a 'digital mental fitness' program or a 'mental fitness bootcamp'. This approach will increase utilisation whereas associating Uprise with mental health language will decrease it.

Resources: Video Collateral

Here is a video that you can share as a link that explains the Uprise to employees


Early Adopters and Using Testimonials

While you are recruiting for early adopters who will give the testimonials, ask them what their hesitations would be in signing up. Provide this information to Uprise as their testimonials will need to address each hesitation in order to maximise signup rates. For example: if their objection is that Uprise coaches don't understand your industry then their testimonial needs to mention how the coach was able to meet their needs even without having industry experience. 


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We will provide you with a digital launch pack that includes emails, promotional videos, and cards with your company code for Uprise signups. The emails and videos are sent out every few days over a week and we recommend that you distribute the cards the week afterwards. 

The digital collateral contains links that are embedded with your company code that allow employees to get started. After they have signed up, all employees are encouraged to complete the 1-minute wellness check to begin with. Afterwards they can opt in to the Uprise 'Starting Skills' series, where they learn 4 skills in 4 weeks via 4 minute videos to improve their mental fitness. They are provided the option of a dedicated Uprise coach, who can assist them as they go through the program.

After completing the 'Starting Skills' series, employees can continue with the 'Advanced Skills' series which has up to 3 months of content on sleep, relationships and more detailed applications of the starting skills for improving mental fitness in daily life. 

Uprise has mechanisms for detecting employees at risk of developing a mental illness. All high-risk employees are called within 48 hours (and usually less than 24) by an Uprise psychologist for a confidential assessment. The Uprise Customer Success Team will manage the care of high-risk employees, which often involves coordination with local healthcare services in their area to ensure they get the right support. 


  • Senior sponsor to commence Uprise and complete at least one phone call with a coach then provide a testimonial personalised for your company type
  • Data security & compliance teams ensure that Uprise is whitelisted in your IT systems
  • Develop release schedule for the digital collateral in the launch pack and who will distribute the signup cards a week later

Launch Collateral: Uprise Posters

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Comms Collateral: Digital images for email and communications platforms


A month after launch we set up a video call with your line managers to explain why Uprise can help their team become more cohesive and drive results by showing them the data from team-based outcomes. Manager support is one of the top determinants of job satisfaction, job performance and employee engagement. When a direct report completes Uprise they are more likely to perceive their manager as being supportive because they feel better. We explain to managers the benefits of reminding employees to use Uprise and then launch manager training, which are short 4 minute videos on how to recognise and support team members who might be struggling with a mental health issue. 


  • Recruit managers to attend a 30 minute video call to explain the benefits of Uprise to them as a manager and how to refer a team member

5. quarterly outcomes MEETING


Uprise will provide you with a report that includes utilisation data and outcomes. Utilisation data includes wellness checks, digital programs and coaching support usage. Outcomes include wellbeing, performance and ROI reporting as well as feedback and testimonials. The outcomes report is sufficient to understand key criteria for continued use of the Uprise platform

Key Steps:

  • Invite key stakeholders to the outcomes meeting
  • Provide Uprise with an agenda of any feedback or requests prior to the meeting if possible.

Thanks again for choosing Uprise. we're looking forward to getting started with you and your employees.

  • Meet the team, communications planning, goal setting, LAUNCH!

    UPRISE PRE-LAUNCH: *Uprise provides launch pack (emails, videos, cards) *Uprise explains launch and wellness checks processes *Uprise explains data collection, quarterly reporting and stakeholder meetings *Meet with the stakeholder team (including the senior sponsor)
    UPRISE LAUNCH *Uprise supports in recruitment and launch

    YOUR ORGANISATION PRE-LAUNCH: *Provide a list of key dates for Uprise and wellbeing promotions *Agree on Wellbeing Calendar *Agree on Wellness Checks processes *Link Uprise with your data and compliance teams (if you have one) *Whitelisting Uprise in your email system *Link Uprise with a senior sponsor from your organisation *Meet with the stakeholder team *Senior sponsor commences asap to complete at least one phone call and provide a testimonial for the launch pack.
    YOUR ORGANISATION LAUNCH *Send out launch pack

  • Wellness Check 1, Manager Meeting, Manager Training, Critical Incident Responding Setup

    UPRISE*Uprise video call with managers *Uprise provides digital manager training modules on how to support staff *Set-up of critical incident responding processes

    YOUR ORGANISATION:*Send out Wellness Check 1 *Arrange video call with managers *Managers attend video call about how to support staff * Send out launch pack for manager training to managers *Managers commence digital training *Video call with Critical Incident Response team

  • Wellness Check 2

    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 2

  • Wellness Check 3, Quarterly Report 1, Stakeholder Meeting 2

    UPRISE:*Uprise presents first quarter results

    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 3 *Video call to discuss Uprise first quarter results, goals and feedback


    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 4


    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 5

  • Wellness Check 6, Quarterly Report 2, Stakeholder Meeting 3

    UPRISE: *Uprise presents second quarter results

    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 6 *Video call to discuss Uprise second quarter results, goals and feedback

  • Wellness Check 7, Manager Meeting, Manager Training

    UPRISE: *Uprise video call with managers *Uprise provides digital manager training modules on how to support staff.

    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 7 *Arrange video call with managers *Managers attend video call about how to support staff *Managers commence digital training


    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 8

  • Wellness Check 9, Quarterly Report 3, Stakeholder Meeting 4 & Plan for Next Year

    UPRISE: *Uprise presents third quarter results

    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 9 *Video call to discuss Uprise third quarter results, goals and feedback plus planning for next year


    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 10


    YOUR ORGANISATION: *Send out Wellness Check 11


    During year 2 we aim to have established a calendar of wellbeing events that provide a timeline to introduce new digital programs and refreshers of past programs. Uprise has a commitment to developing new, evidence-based programs for release each quarter in order to continually upskill your workforce. Manager training is a particular focus during year two with the aim of ensuring manager stress is well managed and managers can integrate mental health knowledge into their conversations with team members.