Switch to a Proactive EAP

Uprise is a digital-first Employee Assistance Program that teaches employees skills that prevent stress and improve resilience.

  • Personalised support based on individual wellbeing using ‘Stepped Care’

  • Phone coaching to maximise employee success with the program

  • Research-backed and empirically validated programs

Here are 3 steps you can take towards providing your employees with award winning mental health support.

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Step 1: Consider your options…

Uprise is one of the only EAP providers that offers on-demand technology to provide highly accessible and flexible support to all employees.

  • Easy to use mobile app with on-demand access to support

  • Regular accurate wellbeing checks to identify at-risk employees

  • Digital programs that teach preventative and proactive skills for stress management

  • Live coaching sessions

  • Crisis and change management training

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Step 2: Test, Trial and Evaluate

Uprise provides evaluator trial licences for all interested organisations so they can fully assess the program and the platform to decide if it is right for their employees.

Uprise Evaluator Trial licences include:

  • Full access to the Uprise platform

  • Uprise Wellbeing Checks

  • Uprise Stress Level Assessments

  • The first Uprise modules

  • A view of coach interactions


Step 3: Sign Up and Roll Out

Getting setup with Uprise is easy. Our team provides you with a full proposal based on your needs. Once the proposal is approved and a launch date is scheduled, our team begin to create customised collateral and digital tools for you to share with employees.

We support new customers by providing:

  • Webinars

  • Launch email templates

  • Printable PDFs

  • Custom banners

  • Custom welcome videos

  • Support with on-boarding

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How much does your EAP cost?

The costs to support employees can be high, especially if you factor in the actual usage and the cost per head to provide support for employees.


 How It Works

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Wellbeing Check

6 questions | 1 minute

Accurately scores wellbeing out of 100

World Health Organisation measure

Digital Modules

Access via app or online

Skills training

4 minute videos | Interactive exercises


Chat, email or phone coaching

Embed and personalise skills

Before, during or after work hours

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See how Uprise could work for your employees

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