What is Uprise?

Uprise is a digital wellbeing program, designed for university students. It assists in managing stress and boosting mindset, which can result in higher focus and productivity.

  • Develop skills through four modules over four weeks

  • How to deal with common stressful issues

  • Desktop access – use it on your laptop at home or at uni

  • Mobile app for use on the go

  • Dedicated phone and chat coaches

How could it help you?

Supported by research, you'll develop four top skills for dealing with stress. You'll be able to use them to manage your workload or for pretty much anything that stresses you out. Some examples include:

  • Strategies for stress management

  • Learn about mindfulness

  • Identify your current mindset

  • Learn via bite-sized 4-minute videos like the one below.


Tell me more about my coach

Your coach is a licenced counsellor or psychologist with specialist training in coaching. Choose between coaching via email or via phone.

Your coach will can assist by:

  • Chatting with you about something you're stressed about right now

  • Show you how to use the skills to deal with those scenarios

  • Skills can be used for juggling workload and procrastination

  • Can also be used generally for relationships and dealing with change.


What does It Cost?

Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Your university has pre-paid this service for you. In return, we are asking you to participate in a research trial. There are financial incentives if you complete the assessments. 


Wait, I could get paid to do this?

That's right. This is a research trial so there are incentives. For every hour of each assessment undertaken, participants will reimbursed $20 per hour for their time.


Confidentiality & Your Data

We will be publishing the data from this research trial. But don't worry because we won't be publishing anything that would identify you individually. We report overall total scores and never information about names or contact information.


How Does It Work?

Register your interest above and we will get in touch with you
Complete some questionnaires
Watch a 4 minute video each week for 4 weeks
Chat with your coach or book a weekly phone call
Complete an assessment online and via phone before you start then each month for two months


The Fine Print

You'll be sent the full details and a consent form after registering your interest. 

Contact Us

Please get in touch with us if you have questions.