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What is Uprise?

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What is Uprise

1. wellness checks

Based on a World Health Organisation measure that only requires 6 questions to accurately measure wellbeing and current causes of stress. Delivered monthly to promote use of Uprise digital programs and identify 'at-risk' employees who receive a callback within 24 hours from an Uprise clinician. 


2. Digital programs with coaching

Teaches employees proven psychological skills through an easy-to-use online and mobile-supported platform, populated with engaging content and available on-demand. Ongoing access and advanced content allows for year-round participation. Coaching is our differentiator as it guarantees higher completion rates and engagement.


3. Face-to-face Therapy

Employees can choose a coach that matches their preferred style, language or cultural background and with bookings available the next business day via secure video platform. In person therapy is also available via our network along with critical incident response and crisis management. All Uprise clinicians are licenced psychologists or counsellors. 

How Does It Work?


Chat Function

Response from a coach within 24 hours and chat is based on an evidence-based protocol to drive outcomes, not general discussion.


Users are prompted to complete assessments at regular intervals to measure the outcomes from their chosen program or coach

Learning Modules

Digital programs are video based with interactive exercises. All programs are evidence-based. Programs to address a holistic range of wellbeing topics.


Coaching is proactive. Employees are linked with a coach as soon as they start a digital program or complete a wellness check with a 'high-risk' score.

Face-to-face Therapy

Employees can choose their coach and book a session via video call within one business day (or less for crisis management). In person therapy available via our network.

Manager Support

Coach-guided digital programs specifically for managers to support them in their role along with traditional manager telephone line.

Data & Analytics

Uprise provides in-depth data on utilisation, wellbeing, stress, PsyCap (psychological capital) and sleep. Additionally, we report on ROI outcomes including employee engagement, work performance, absenteeism, presenteeism, team cohesion, manager support and turnover risk.



Chat Function

Response from a coach within 24 hours. Chat is likely to be general discussion and not evidence-based.


Self-assessments are standalone wellbeing and stress checks that aren't linked to programs and can't determine outcomes from programs.

Learning Modules

Digital programs are usually text based with limited interactivity. No coach-guided options so completion rates likely to be very low.


Coaching is reactive. Employees have to seek out a coach rather than being auto-enrolled based on their wellbeing score.

Face-to-face Therapy

Employees can't choose their clinician and availability is often far more than one business day. Clinician age and experience is variable. Clinicians may not be using an evidence-based approach.

Manager Support

No specific digital programs for managers with dedicated coach throughout. Webinars may be available as one-off. Traditional phone line.

Data & Analytics

Usually only able to report on utilisation, causes of stress and symptom changes only. Unable to provide detailed tracking of outcomes due to individual interventions or programs. Often measurement is long and arduous and asks about very sensitive information such as whether the employee is depressed.


Who Can Apply?

Uprise can replace your traditional EAP or just use our digital platform as an add-on to your current EAP.


What's Involved

Why is this good for you? 

6-week Pilot

A six week pilot costs $4,500+GST and includes access for up to 100 employees. Recruit from a select group or your whole company. Once enrolment capacity is reached applicants will receive a notfication that the pilot is fully subscribed with referral information for your current EAP or Lifeline. 


Full Platform

The full Uprise platform costs $16,000 per month for 8,000 staff ($2 per employee per month) and includes access to wellness checks, all digital programs along with chat/email based coaching support, and 24 hour risk management callbacks from an Uprise clinician. 

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