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We are excited to get you and your employees on board with Uprise.

What happens now?

Our team is busy preparing your formal statement of work (agreement). Once this has been completed and signed, your account will be set up and your account manager will be in contact with you to help get everything going.

While all that is happening, take a look at our ready-made promotional collateral that will help you communicate the new Uprise EAP program to your team, and our information for employers that may answer questions that come up.

Uprise Collateral

Uprise Employer FAQ

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Uprise Monthly Pricing FAQ

How long are your contracts? . . .

Employee access to the Uprise digital platform is renewed annually. Pre-purchased coaching support hours do not expire and they are reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure enough are available to employees for a seamless delivery of coaching and therapy.

When and how do employees access coaching and support? . . .

All of the support provided by Uprise is accessed online through the platform or via the Uprise app. Employees can elect the level of support they would like to receive, and they can select the coach they would prefer to work with. Employees can also choose how they would like to engage with their coach (email/instant message, phone support, video support, or face to face). Uprise has coaches available in multiple timezones and often times available outside of normal business hours.

How soon can we start? . . .

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account and our promotional tools are readymade. Once the agreement has been signed by your organisation, employees can begin accessing the platform and coaching support within minutes.

Do you provide face to face therapy? . . .

Uprise has partnered with a network of mental health professionals to provide employees with face to face support for any issue they may be experiencing. Accessing the face to face support option is done through the Uprise platform.

When will I see results? . . .

Uprise is the only Employee Assistance Program that provides a comprehensive outcomes report every quarter. It outlines the specific causes of stress in your workplace and shows changes to a range of wellbeing indicators.

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