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Why offer the Uprise Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to your Employees?

It is much more difficult to check in and make sure that remote workers in virtual teams feel supported. We think all employees should have access to help quickly and easily. Our proactive program is backed by 10 years of research and our outcomes are holistic and sustained.


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81% of Uprise users with low wellbeing are in the high-moderate wellbeing range within 4 weeks.

On average, Uprise users gained 2.6 hours of peak productivity per week.

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Prevention is better than cure

Uprise offers a full Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, plus a range of pro-active and evidence-based interventions to prevent worsening mental health and boost resilience.

Wellbeing Checks

Taken monthly to identify those at-risk and measure a wellbeing baseline


Digital Training

Teach 1 skill per week in preventative stress management and resilience



Recommend 1 call per skill learnt with a dedicated personal coach

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