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Uprise Digital Programs


Uprise offers several Digital Programs. Everyone starts with the Essentials Program, then after you can opt-in to different Wellness Packs.

The Essentials Program

The Essentials Program are the four key skills that have been tested in research studies and were found to be the most effective ways to maintain mental fitness. The four skills are Mindset, Values, Mindfulness and Stress Management.

These four skills can be applied in most personal or work situations to resolve stress and get better outcomes. So you could use the same Mindset skill to deal with stress about finances or feelings of inadequacy or stress about a deadline.

You learn one skill per week over four weeks. Uprise is built for busy people so each skill is taught by watching a 4 minute video with instructions on how to practise.

Wellness Packs

After the Essentials Program, you can choose other digital programs on that teach advanced techniques for the four skills. If you really like Mindfulness then you can go into more depth in the Advanced Mindfulness Pack or if you got a lot from the Mindset video you can go further in the Advanced Mindset Pack. There are also Wellness Packs on how to use the four skills for specific applications like insomnia and improving sleep, increasing emotional intelligence and improving relationships.


What happens on a coaching call?


The Uprise Coaching Call is to personalise the skills for you.

Your coach shows you how to use the skills for a stressful personal or work situation so you can learn the skills faster and more effectively than on your own.

Uprise coaching calls are consistently rated as 9/10 and are cited as the best part of the Uprise program

The skills in the program can be used to resolve most stress issues and keep your mind fit and happy. Uprise is built for busy people so the calls go for between 15 - 30 minutes and you book them whenever you have time in your schedule.

Personal Stress Example:

Your stress might be about a parenting challenge so your coach would do the following: In week one they will talk with you about your mindset, help you to identify the thinking styles that are driving your stress and show you how to use the skill of retraining thinking to help with that. In week two, you would look at the behaviours driving your stress. Your coach will help you to identify the best actions to take then check in with you to make sure you follow through. Each week is a different skill that the coach personalises for your situation.



Work Stress Example:

Your stress might be about something that is happening at work. So like the personal stress example, your coach would help you to identify any problematic thinking about work in week one. In week two they will look at behaviours that will help resolve the work situation and provide some accountability and support to make change. In week 3, they show you how to use mindfulness skills to deal with the stress of work and in week 4, they discuss stress management tools to stay on track.

Is Uprise confidential?

Uprise sends de-identified reports to your employer with group-level data and publishes results in scientific journals. We never share information that would identify you like your name.

There is no way for a company to know which employees did Uprise.

They only know the overall, average scores for all employees each month. Below are some excerpts of a report that is sent to your company.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.47.35 pm.png

Example of how Uprise reports changes in employee engagement levels.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.48.07 pm.png

Example of how Uprise reports stress level changes.

Wellness Checkup WHO5.jpg

What is a wellness check?

Your company might offer the Uprise Wellness Check once a month as a way to check your wellbeing levels.

It asks 6 questions; 5 of them are about your wellbeing levels and one is about the causes of stress in your life.

It’s brief but also very accurate because it’s based on a World Health Organisation measure called the WHO-5. The WHO-5 has a very large international dataset so we can provide you precise information about your wellbeing levels rather than just a meaningless number.

The causes of stress question is included so that your employer can understand the changes they need to make in order to reduce employee stress.