“The results have been outstanding. The check in scores indicate the positive and real impact the program has had on the individuals participating.”

Kim Cheney - Director of Human Resources, PayPal


Reduce Psychological Risk

High risk employees shift from 16% at pre-program to only 2% remaining at risk after 4 weeks of Uprise

  • 16%


  • 2%

    4 weeks of Uprise

Improve Employee Engagement

Uprise shifts employee ratings of your company Net Promoter Score (NPS) by an average of 2 points within 4 weeks.

  • 63%

    Before Uprise

  • 81%

    4 weeks of Uprise

Reduce Unwanted Turnover

Uprise detects employees at high risk of leaving due to stress and shifts from 25% at pre-program to 0% after 4 weeks of Uprise

  • 25%

    Before Uprise

  • 0%

    4 weeks of Uprise

ROI Positive Within 1 Year

Based on average results across absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover risk employers regain their investment within a year.

Return on investment is estimated at $1,900 per participant.



“…an amazing experience”

“…my coach was fantastic”

“…helpful and timely as I was going through a rough time ….by week 4 was on a better path”

"…a fantastic emotional and intellectual experience”

"…surprised me about how powerful it was”

"...by far, the most simple yet powerful program I've done."

"...you will get so much out of this program."



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