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Proactive, accessible and research-based support for organisations of any size starting at just $16 per employee.

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EAP from $16 per employee

Uprise Fee for Service EAP

Provide a full service, digitally driven EAP to your employees and pay for the coaching and support they use.

  • $16 per employee per year

  • $145 per hour for phone/video/online support

  • $225 per hour for face to face support

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Uprise Fixed Fee EAP

An EAP with no variable costs

Reduce the risk of variable costs throughout the year and provide employees with a full service EAP on a fixed annual rate.

Fixed fee pricing is calculated based on employee head count and expected annual utilisation. For a detailed quotation, simply request a proposal.


The Uprise program includes

  • Wellbeing and Stress Assessments

  • 4x Starting Skills Modules

  • Advanced Skills Modules

  • A dedicated Uprise coach

  • iOS and Android App Access

  • Regular reporting on wellbeing indicators and common workplace stressors

  • Manager and Supervisor Support

  • Online coach booking (inside and outside working hours)

  • Counselling Services (face-to-face)

Specialised Services

  • Emergency and After Hours Counselling

  • Critical Incident and Trauma Response

  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Pricing for specialised services falls outside the normal hourly rate, more information will be available in your proposal.

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Award winning digital health solution trusted by employees at

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We price match competitors!

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Our packages make wellbeing support easy and affordable, so we can often match the fixed fee pricing of our competitors. If you would like to discuss your options and the mix of services you require in more detail, why not request a custom quote?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your contracts? . . .

Employee access to the Uprise digital platform is renewed annually. Coaching support hours are pre-purchased and do expire. We review usage and availability quarterly to ensure a seamless delivery of support for employees.

When and how do employees access coaching and support? . . .

Coaching and support is accessed from the Uprise App and our online web platform. The session times are flexible to suit busy schedules and can be arranged outside of normal businesses hours. Employees select from a range of dedicated coaches and can engage with them via email, instant message, phone, video or face-to-face.

Do you provide face to face therapy? . . .

Uprise has partnered with a network of mental health professionals to provide employees access to face to face support. Employees can request face-to-face support within the Uprise platform.

Can I limit the number of sessions each employee can have? . . .

Yes, custom limits can be applied to Uprise Fee For Service EAP plans. This will require employees to anonymously request access to additional support when they reach their limits. You can also apply limits to different types of services included n the plan i.e. limit face to face to support to require approval before booking.

When will I see results? . . .

Uprise is the only Employee Assistance Program that provides a comprehensive outcomes report every quarter. It outlines the specific causes of stress in your workplace and measures a range of wellbeing indicators.

How soon can we start? . . .

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account and our promotional tools are readymade. Once the agreement has been signed by your organisation, employees can begin accessing the platform and coaching support within minutes.