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We provide a full EAP package or use our most popular services individually.


Digital-first, proactive employee assistance program

Stepped Care linking Resilience App + Coaching + Therapy

1300 Phone Line

Critical Incident Response

Monthly webinar series

Reporting & Analytics

Digital Resilience Training

Teach employees a toolkit of skills using our research-backed resilience program

iOS and Android App

4-min video microlessons

Interactive chatbot coach

Self-guided and private

Full utilisation and outcome reporting

4-wk Mental Fitness Bootcamp

A one month digital program with a dedicated phone coach

Learn 4 skills in 4 weeks

Ideal for change management & targeted groups with high stress

30 min coaching calls from a psychologist or counsellor

Reporting, analytics and ROI analyse

Digital Mental Health Training

Teach staff how to recognise, interact and refer staff facing mental health challenges

4-min video microlessons

Based on current best-practice guidelines

Can be combined with our on-site training

Wellbeing Checks & Reporting

Online wellbeing assessment tool to understand workplace psychosocial risks

Confidential and secure

No login or personal info required from employee

Full data and analytics for staff wellbeing levels and psychosocial hazards

Return To Work Program

Digital program with a dedicated psychologist for support via chat and phone

Based on a successful protocol that reduced RTW by 27 days compared with usual care

Designed for any injury type to solve RTW barriers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services confidential?

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Yes, all services and interactions are kept confidential unless it’s an emergency situation. All data and reports include de-identified data only without any information that allows an employee to be identified individually.

Do you offer in-person services or onsite support?

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Yes, several of our packages provide in-person or onsite services. Please contact us if you’d like to add this to your package.

Do you offer fixed fee packages or variable rates (fee-for-service)?

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We offer a range of pricing options to suit your needs from cost per head fixed fees so you can control your budget to active user options where you pay as you go for services used. Please contact us if there is a pricing option you want to discuss.

Do you operate internationally?

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Yes, we provide all phone and video-based services in all time zones internationally with clinicians based in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

What reporting will I receive?

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You will receive a quarterly report outlining utilisation as well as improvements from participation in wellbeing, stress and employee engagement as well as return on investment data on presenteeism, absenteeism and turnover. Additionally, you'll receive a breakdown on current psychosocial hazards and causes of stress for the quarter.

Do you offer multilingual support?

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Yes, our digital programs are translated into Chinese, Japanese and Malay. You can request translation to other languages for a nominal fee. Our clinicians provide services in English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.

More questions?

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