Uprise solves stress.

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Uprise is a digital-first Employee Assistance Program Service that teaches employees proactive skills that prevent stress and improve resilience.

  • Personalised support based on individual wellbeing using ‘Stepped Care’

  • Phone coaching to maximise employee success with the program

  • Research-backed and empirically validated programs

  • Ongoing wellbeing and stress assessments

  • Plus full EAP services

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Award winning digital health solution trusted by employees at

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Technology Driven
Employee Assistance

Uprise is one of the only EAP service providers that offers on-demand technology to provide highly accessible and flexible support to all employees.

  • Easy to use mobile app with on-demand access to support

  • Regular accurate wellbeing checks to identify at-risk employees

  • Digital programs that teach preventative and proactive skills for stress management

  • Live coaching sessions

  • Crisis and change management training



Uprise drives measurable outcomes, reported quarterly so you can track your impact and action insights.

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After training, Uprise users gain 2.6 hours of peak productivity per week due to reductions in stress.

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Return on Investment

Clients realise $7 - 36 return for each dollar spent due to improvements in productivity, absenteeism and unwanted turnover.

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Wellbeing Change

3 months after Uprise training, 81% of users are thriving in the top wellbeing outcome bracket.

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