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Science-based, digital, preventative wellness training

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Uprise is not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

We support employees at varying levels of wellbeing using Stepped Care.

Stepped Care is providing support based on what the individual employee needs.

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Wellness Checks: 1 minute checkup determines wellbeing score

Digital Programs: preventative mental resilience training

Coaching: phone or chat coaching complements digital programs

Face-to-face support: traditional counselling

Stepped Care is science-based and outcome focused

Uprise only uses evidence-based approaches. Outcomes for wellbeing, engagement, performance and stress are reported quarterly.


Traditional EAP only helps those in crisis and those with a mental illness

Uprise provides unique support to take employees further; from well to thriving.



Based on a World Health Organisation measure that only requires 6 questions to accurately measure wellbeing and current causes of stress.

Delivered monthly to promote use of Uprise digital programs and identify 'at-risk' employees who receive a callback within 48 hours from an Uprise clinician.


Digital Programs

Uprise teaches science-based skills through an easy-to-use digital platform, with engaging content available on-demand.

Uprise starts by teaching four foundational skills that can be applied to address almost any stressful situation.

  • Mindset

  • Values

  • Mindfulness

  • Stress Management

These skills are based on the PhD research of founder, Dr. Jay Spence.

Advanced Skills are released every 1-2 months to drive further utilisation of the platform.



The Uprise Coaching Sessions are the most highly rated aspect of the Uprise program. Employees speak to a professional clinician via phone or live chat for up to 30 minutes. Coaching calls maximise success because they help employees apply the skills learnt from digital programs to their individual situation.

Coaching calls are consistently rated 9/10 and cited as the best part of the Uprise program. 

"I was very impressed in how the coach picked up and honed in on how I was feeling and thinking in a short space of time."

"The coaching calls are the deal maker- excellent tailored, straight to the point support. A really worthwhile investment with great returns."



Employees with complex needs can book a counselling session online through our booking system. They can select from a wide variety of clinicians and speak to him or her by the next business day. Weekend and after hours appointments also available. 

They are also referred to weekly therapy via Video Conference, company EAP or a community specialist.

Add on Services Available

  • Family Assist

  • Critical Incident Responding

  • Crisis Line

  • Manager Assist

  • Workshops

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