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Coaching Calls

Business FAQs

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How much time does Uprise take up?

On average, Uprise participants spend 60 mins a week working through the program's content and coaching calls.

Each week, you will be asked to complete a series of video, audio, and interactive exercises, and participate in a coaching call. Exercises are no longer than 5 mins, and each coaching call is roughly 30 mins.

How is the program structured?

The table below is best viewed on a computer. On a mobile device? Swipe horizontally to view the entire table.

Week Log in to and... During your coaching call...
1 First, please do the questionnaire (~8mins) as it helps your coach know how you are going.

Next, watch the Introduction to Retraining Thinking (1) video, and it will explain the skill we recommend you practise this week called Retraining Thinking.

There is a Bonus Resources section with more information on the skill and how to use it so check that out if you have time.
Your coach will call you to clarify your goals and will also do a Retraining Thinking exercise with you using a real life scenario you are facing at the moment.

You’ll probably discuss some personal information so best to be somewhere quiet on your own.
Practice: Use the Retraining Thinking exercise as often as you can this week.
2 Watch the Introduction to Letting Go of Thoughts video to start with.

During the week, try to do one of the guided audio exercises in the Bonus Resources section per day.
Mindfulness is a tricky skill to learn so your coach will do an exercise with you then answer any questions you have.
Practice: We recommend doing 5-10 mins of mindfulness a day (using the guided audios in the Bonus Resources section if you’d like to).
3 Watch the Introduction to Pleasant Activities video, then do the exercise.

Again, there is more information to check in the Bonus Resources section if you need it.
Most of us spend time on things that make us happy last. Your coach will work with you to find some activities to balance out your life with more activities you value most.
Practice: Do at least one values-based activity this week to start balancing out all the hard work you do.
4 This week it is really important to log into the app before your call so that you can do another questionnaire. Then your coach will be able to give you your results. Your data is confidential but group-level outcomes for your company are reported. (Thanks for completing as that let’s us keep offering Uprise for free to you and others!)

After the questionnaire, watch the Introduction to Retraining Thinking (2) video and do the accompanying exercise. Again, there is more information on the skill in the Bonus Resources section.
If you have completed the questionnaire, your coach will give you your results then you’ll do a second Retraining Thinking exercise together and talk through a plan for the future for you.
Practice: Keep using the skills that you enjoy as often as you can. Research shows that the more you use them, the better you will feel.

Can I complete Uprise without letting my boss, colleagues, family, or friends know?

Absolutely! The Uprise staff are the only ones that will know about your participation in the program.

Your employer may recommend you complete the program, and in some cases will pass your email on to us. However, we don’t report back to your employer whether you signed up or not.

Do I need to pay for Uprise?

The program is 100% paid for by your employer.

Can I refer friends, family, or colleagues to do Uprise?

During your post-program survey, you will have the opportunity to nominate people that you think would benefit from the program. This can be done 100% anonymously, in case you don’t want the referral to be attributed to you. If you missed your opportunity during this survey, or would like to refer more people, you can always do so by reaching out to our team via the support bubble, or by emailing

Colleague participation is typically free, as it is subsidised by your employer under the same arrangement as your participation. For friends and family, the program’s cost will depend on a range of factors – in this case, pass on the referral and we’ll handle the rest.

There is no affiliate program associated with referrals. You will not be monetarily compensated for your referrals.

Do you have an app I can download?

Yes, but only if you are on iOS. Visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, and search for Uprise. Alternatively, click here to be automatically taken to the App Store.

We will be working on an Android app in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to visit on your phone or tablet. Apologies to our Android users if this causes any inconvenience.

What information do you report back to my employer?

Uprise provides anonymised, aggregated data about program completion and basic score improvements. Your individual results are never shared with anyone outside of your phone coach. Click here for an example of the kind of aggregated, anonymised reporting we provide to employers.

How do you handle my sensitive information?

Uprise employs rigorous security measures to ensure your data is kept safe.

All traffic is encrypted over HTTPS (SSL) using 256-bit key encryption and the TLS 1.2 security protocol. Passwords are hashed, salted, and stored securely. All data is stored in data centres located in the same region as your account. Furthermore, we keep all our code up-to-date with the latest security patches.

My video/audio exercise isn’t playing correctly!

Our video player is known to have issues with specific web browsers and internet firewalls.

To test the video player:

We are currently developing a new video player. Thank you for your patience.

I never receive any of the emails Uprise sends to me.

Uprise staff use a customer support system called Intercom. Sometimes, the domain name associated with this system ( will be marked as spam by corporate email firewalls.

Be sure to check your spam inbox. If you find messages from us in your spam, drag them to your inbox or mark them as not spam. Your email client will learn for next time. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please reach out to us at (bypass the support bubble this time).

Are there any extra resources, videos, or worksheets available to download?

Accompanying the core program is a set of extra resources. They are available here. The page is updated regularly, and as a result may require a few seconds to load.

How do I view my past survey results?

Pre- and post-program survey results are accessible by going to the app dashboard and clicking on Introduction to Uprise Self Assessment and Results and Completion Post-Program Survey respectively.

Why is the app telling me I’m only up to Week 1(-3) when I’ve already finished that week?

The weekly counter on the dashboard only increases when every single exercise in a given week’s module is marked as completed. You can tell whether an exercise is marked as completed as it will have a white tick (✔) next to the name. Click here to see a screenshot of what a completed module looks like.

To mark video/audio exercises as completed, be sure to select the Next button in the bottom-right of the screen when you’re finished watching/listening. Click here to see a screenshot of how to select the Next button.

To mark coaching calls as completed, select Coaching Call. From there, you should see a button in the bottom-left of the screen that says Mark Call as Completed. Once you mark a call as completed, you cannot reverse its completion. Click here to see a screenshot of how to mark a call as completed.

Coaching Calls

What happens during a coaching call?

Each week, you will spend 30 minutes with your phone coach, who will walk you through the program’s skills, answer your questions, and help you apply the skills to your daily life. Coaching calls provide an opportunity to increase your comprehension of the program with a trained, professional clinician.

Are coaching calls confidential?

Our phone coaches are bound to the same confidentiality and ethics codes as private clinicians. For more information on these codes, click here (USA) or click here (AUS).

How do I book a coaching call?

When you first signed up for Uprise, you would have been prompted to book your first four calls via the app. If you need to book another call, you can do so by visiting any of the modules, and selecting the Coaching Call icon at the bottom. Click here to see a screenshot.

How many coaching calls are there?

During the Uprise program, you will complete one coaching call per week:

Week Is there a coaching call this week?
1 Yes – core program (30 mins call duration)
2 Yes – core program (30 mins call duration)
3 Yes – core program (30 mins call duration)
4 Yes – core program (30 mins call duration)

How do I change my current coach for a new one?

The Uprise program works better if you do not change coaches during the four weeks of the program.

However, we understand that sometimes a change is required for various reasons. Please reach out to our team via the support chat bubble, or email, if there is an exceptional circumstance that prevents you from continuing with your current coach.

I need to reschedule my coaching call(s).

You will need to cancel your original call and book a new call for that week.

From the Uprise app, go to the module you are looking to reschedule your call for. Select Coaching Call, then Cancel. Once you have cancelled the call, feel free to book a new call.

We require 24 hours notice for both new bookings and cancellations. If you cannot make a call, and are within the 24 hour window, the call will be forfeited and your coach will cover the forfeited call's content in the following week.

Do I need to call my coach? I don’t have their number.

Your coach will reach out to you for every coaching call. All you need to do is be available to pick up a phone call at the number specified during sign up.

I need to change my phone number for one/many coaching calls.

Please reach out to our team via the support chat bubble, or email, to change your phone number.

My coach didn’t call me for our coaching call.

Please reach out to our team via the support chat bubble, or email, if your coach did not attempt to make contact with you during your scheduled call.

During our screening for coaches, we ensure they are available and committed to every call. Coach absenteeism is very rare, however we take instances very seriously.

I don’t want to participate in the coaching calls.

The majority of people that complete Uprise report that the coaching calls were the most enjoyable and helpful part of the program. Our research has consistently shown that stress and wellbeing scores improve the most when the Uprise program is paired with a phone coach.

It may seem to be difficult to commit to 30 minutes every week, or to open up to a phone coach. Our recommendation is that you try at least one call. If you still do not want to participate, we offer a self-guided version of Uprise. Please reach out to our team via the support chat bubble, or email, if you would like to switch to the self-guided program.

Will I be reminded about my coaching calls?

When you make your booking, you will be sent a confirmation email from Uprise, and a calendar invitation to the call. 24 hours before the call, you will be sent a reminder email.

Business FAQs

Are Uprise coaches accredited?

All coaches Uprise employs are registered psychologists, who have completed at least 6 years of study and training in the field.

Additionally, most coaches are clinical psychologists, who have completed specialist training on top of that required for general registration. Typically, these coaches work with Uprise due to the flexibility phone-coaching permits alongside raising a family or working other roles.

How does Uprise ensure consistent quality across its coaches?

To maintain their registration as psychologists, all coaches are required to engage in clinical supervision and continuing professional development each year.

On top of this external requirement, Uprise runs fortnightly supervision sessions with coaches to facilitate internal professional development and high-quality coaching. We also publish internal training videos on best-practice coaching of the four core Uprise skills, to ensure consistent coaching across the team.

Are participants automatically reminded to complete the Wellness Checks and/or four-week program?

Automated email reminders are sent monthly to those enrolled in Wellness Checks.

For participants of the four-week program, the following automatic reminders are sent*:

*This schedule of communications is subject to change. SMS prompts are being trialled, and will be rolled out across all participants of the four-week program in the future.

How does Uprise protect the confidentiality of user activity and survey responses? Where is Uprise's participant data physically stored?

Protected health information (PHI) is stored on dedicated AWS instances in the same geographic region as the participants from which it originates, with strict encryption and access control policies in place to prevent unauthorised access and leaking of information.

Employee data that isn’t PHI (names, phone numbers, email addresses) may be passed through our suite of SaaS products. Uprise ensures that all SaaS products meet strict security and privacy benchmarks before engaging with them.

Identifiable PHI is subject to strict access controls; only de-identified, aggregate PHI (e.g. mean wellbeing scores) is provided back to employers (click here for an example).

All traffic is encrypted over HTTPS (SSL) using 256-bit key encryption and the TLS 1.2 security protocol. Passwords are hashed, salted, and stored securely. All code is kept up-to-date with the latest security patches.

This is only a summary of the measures we take to ensure the security and privacy of participants' data. Please reach out to us at for a copy of our comprehensive security overview document.

While we have a few benefits and wellbeing offerings internally, we may not have enough to meet the full suite of needs that might be generated by the Wellness Checks. Is this something Uprise can help with?

Yes, we can help you generate a range of wellbeing options that will be suggested to users based on their wellbeing score. These can include your existing programs, our programs and other free alternatives available.

You won't need to set up a comprehensive library of interventions prior to launching Wellness Checks. In fact, some companies use the Wellness Checks to determine the types of interventions that their employees need/are interested in.

Can we use our company's branding for the app and reports?

Uprise would prefer to retain its branding for all employee-facing aspects (the app, emails/other communications).

From our experience at other firms, employees are more likely to engage with Wellness Checks, Uprise programs and mental health support generally if they don't think these are being administered and monitored by their firm. Company branding can be used for business-facing reports.

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