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+ Is this confidential?

Yes. Uprise doesn’t share any information that would identify an employee personally in any way. Uprise does write reports about utilisation and outcomes at a group level.

+ What information will my employer see?

Uprise creates reports that show aggregated data for your employer. These are before and after scores for areas such as wellbeing, stress and performance. Reports NEVER display information that would individually identify an employee. Reports don't discuss the content of coaching conversations.

Coaching Sessions

+ What happens on a coaching call?

The coaching calls are to show you how to apply the skills. The coach will ask you about a stressful situation (work or personal) then tailor the skill for that week. Coaches also help you troubleshoot and help keep you accountable to practice.

Common questions that coaches will ask are: "Can you tell me about something that you found stressful recently and I'll show you how to apply the skill for this week?" "Is there a wellbeing goal like doing something just for yourself that you'd like me to check in about?" "Would you like some help to develop a values hierarchy for the skill this week?"

+ What happens during chat/email coaching?

Similar to coaching calls, your coach will help you to apply the skill for that week. The skills in the Uprise program are general so the coach will tailor the skills for your own personal or work situation. Chat/email coaching is good if you want to check out the program without committing to coaching calls.

+ Are coaching calls therapy sessions?

No. You can bring any issue you'd like to work on. During the call the coach will show you how to apply the skill to resolve the issue as best as possible. That's different to therapy where it's not as skills focused. However, your company's package may also offer therapy so if you'd prefer to do a therapy session just let your coach know. There is also a button in our system to book a 50-min therapy session instead of a coaching call if you'd prefer that.

+ Can I bring a personal topic for coaching?

Yes. You can bring any topic that you'd like. Some people bring a work area but most people bring a personal or family issue. The coaching session is about how to use the skill for that week to manage the issue you've brought. If you don't like the coaching model where your coach is focused on skills training then just ask your coach about how to switch to therapy. Please note that not all company's have purchased the Uprise therapy package so we may need to check first (without mentioning your name of course).

+ Can I do coaching calls during work hours/after work?

You can use the Uprise program and book coaching calls in working hours or after hours. Uprise has coaches who are available after hours and on weekends for coaching as well as during business hours.

+ How do I cancel or reschedule a coaching call?

All cancellations and reschedules are completed within the Uprise program. You cannot change your calls any other way, including via Outlook/Google Calendar.

Calls can be cancelled from the Coaching Calls tab in the app. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for both cancellations and reschedules. If you cannot make a call, and are within the 24 hour window, the call will unfortunately be forfeited and your company will be charged for the call. Your coach will cover the forfeited call's content in the following week.

To reschedule a call, first cancel the original call, then book a new call.

+ Are times displayed in my local timezone?

Yes. When booking calls the system will automatically display the times in the timezone you are in. Confirmation emails for bookings will also be displayed your local timezone.


+ How long does Uprise take?

Each week you’d need to login and watch a video (~4 mins), do an exercise (optional) and contact your coach (~2 mins if doing chat/email coaching and ~30 mins if booking a phone call)

+ What’s the duration of Uprise?

You can do Uprise for as long as it’s useful for you. Uprise has an initial 4 week ‘Starting Skills’ program and there are Advanced Skills that can be taken as needed. You can start Uprise and come back to it later in the year. We encourage all staff to do the starting skills program then come back to access Advanced Skills and further coaching whenever you hit a period of stress.

+ I've done the 4 week 'Starting Skills' program. What else is there?

We'd recommend doing one of the advanced skills series after you compelte the starting skills program.


+ Which is the best browser to use if accessing via the web?

We'd recommend using Chrome or Firefox if possible. Uprise doesn't support old versions of Internet Explorer. We also recommend updating your browser if you are experiencing technical problems.

+ The video won't load

Most often this occurs because your company has a block on playing videos at work. We'd recommend using the browser on your personal phone and logging in via our website on your phone to get to the app. Or download our app directly onto your phone. If the video still won't load on your phone then please use the following instructions:

Step 1 - close the app For iphone X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psR7JQ3t460

If on an earlier iphone version: https://www.wikihow.com/Close-Apps-on-iPhone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2fsx6A4NNk

For android phones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek8YEuRuxV0

Step 2 - Once the app has been closed, reopen the app and the video should work.