Fee-for-Service Pricing


One time set up fee


Wellness Checks
Quick, 6 question wellbeing check plus their causes of stress

$99 1-year access

Essentials Program 1: Digital

One month mental fitness boot camp: 4 skills, 4 weeks, 4 min videos covering evidence-based resiliency skills

$99 30-minute call

Coaching Calls

Calls from a qualified psychologist who personalises the skills in our digital programs for the employees' unique situation or issue

$499 1-year access

Self-guided Leaders Digital Program (Due Q2 2018)

How to recognise and support a team member facing mental health issues. How to have a crucial conversation about performance management when mental health is involved.

$99 1-year access

Wellness Packs: Digital

Additional digital programs to complement the Essentials Program that covers advanced techniques and applications for deeper learning.

$198 per hour

Personalised Therapy

Traditional face to face therapy via secure video conference for critical incidents or more complex support needs.

$99 30-minute call

Risk Assessments

Call-back service to at-risk employees with low wellbeing scores within 48 hours to assess and refer if necessary


Quarterly Reporting

Detailed analytics to report on outcomes from Uprise on wellbeing, stress and performance changes as well as ROI items such as absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover prevented.


How to budget for a pilot

Provide us with your budget and we will add users until we hit the cap. After the cap, employees will see a pop up that displays a personalised message of your choosing, e.g., to refer them to your existing EAP.

For every 100 employees, approximately:
* 30 will complete a wellness check
* 15 will enter a self-service digital program
* 5 will engage a coach for an average of 3 calls
* 2 will require a risk-management callback